If you are an international student in the UK and you’re looking for fun things to do, there are quite a number of things you can check out. The UK is filled with many interesting activities, and even if you like, you can participate in sports betting, including wagering on MLB lines.

Aside from that, there are various entertaining activities to engage in, and with that, you can always try them. In that case, here are five activities we’ve put together just for you.

Check Out the British Countryside

There are plenty of areas in the British countryside that are stunning. From rolling hills to dramatic coastlines, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the areas known for their natural beauty include the Peak District, the Lake District, and the Hebrides. There are also many other regions to discover.

You’re in the UK, and there are many beautiful places to visit. Whether you’re studying in the city or the countryside, there’s bound to be something to see.

Go Punting in Cambridge and Oxford

If you are studying at the University of Oxford or Cambridge, you can visit the cities. Both are very historic and offer some of the most incredible scenery in the UK.

There are quite a few activities that you will find in Oxbridge, such as punting. It is a kind of boat propelled by a somewhat large pole. It’s commonly used in rivers found in Oxford and Cambridge. You can rent rafts in both cities. 

Experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

There are many good reasons to spend some time up north, no matter where you study. Walk Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, enjoy the grandeur from Arthur’s Seat, see the beautiful historic architecture of the University of Edinburgh and explore the “haunted” areas underneath the city. If it’s New Year’s Eve, be ready for a fun time at the legendary Hogmanay party.

If you’re only visiting Edinburgh once and planning your trip during August, when the city hosts a diverse arts and culture festival referred to as the Edinburgh Festival, attracting thousands of visitors worldwide. The oldest of these festivals include the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which are also the largest arts festival in the world.

During the three weeks of this festival, the streets and various areas of the city are filled with an excellent array of theatre, comedy, dance, and music performances. As a result, it creates an incredible party atmosphere that makes your visit to the Fringe an important part of any event when you study abroad in the UK.

Participate in the Notting Hill Carnival

In August, a perfect time to explore the region since schools are on summer break, is London’s Notting Hill Carnival. This weekend event brings together several people to the Notting Hill vicinity of the capital to partake in one of the biggest street parties in the world.

It is a celebration of Caribbean culture. Notting Hill Carnival is surely not for the timid: hundreds of scantily clad dancers and performers sway to reggae, dub, grime, hip hop, dubstep and bass music, and more, all played through huge sound systems.

For those that want to go with the flow, the energy and flair of the carnival make it a unique experience that opens your eyes to another part of the UK culture.

Check Out Different Sporting Events

In short, a list of the top things you should do in the UK won’t be complete without having to mention sports, a very important part of life for lots of UK residents. Soccer is probably the UK’s biggest sporting obsession, with a wide range of popular teams including Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur. 

Glasgow-based rivals Rangers are the two most successful and popular teams and Celtic in Scotland, while the best Welsh team is Swansea City, followed closely by Cardiff City.

Bottom Line

If you’re in London for longer, you may have time to get acquainted with certain areas of the city, outside of the busy centre. Camden, Notting Hill, Highbury, Brixton, Little Venice, Shoreditch;  these cities have their specific character, as any authentic Londoner will inform you.