We all enjoy a bit of a wild night out from time to time. There’s something fun about losing your inhibitions and letting go for a good time. But one bad experience can often put a dampener on future nights out. Whether you got too drunk, or your night ruined by others, the case can often be a traumatic situation spoiling your plans. So, avoid these misfortunes, and follow these simple and easy steps for a safe sesh…

By Jack Smith


Taxi’s – This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by how many people think they’re sober enough to drive. Even when they’re really not. With drunk driving rates increasing, staying safe on the road is of the upmost importance. To ensure this, plan your taxis to and from venues with plenty of time to spare. Being stuck without a ride home isn’t the way to finish off your night.

Choose a group you trust – There’s nothing worse than reaching your venue of choice, getting settled, and then being left alone by friends. Under normal circumstances, friends wandering off wouldn’t be as much of an issue. But in a busy club, being by yourself can leave you vulnerable to the more sinister side of club-going. Avoiding this, choose trustworthy friends to go out with, who will look out for you if needs be. This way you’ll worry less and stay safe. Plus there’s less chance of getting lost!

ALWAYS keep your drink with you – Most of us have heard the horror stories of being spiked on a night out. Some may only result in a harsh hangover, but others can have more menacing endings. A simple solution to this is keeping your drink with you at all times. And keep an eye on it as you do. A further step would be covering any lids or rims of cups, eliminating the risk altogether. And if your drink tastes slightly different after your last sip, get rid of it!

Don’t get TOO drunk – Of course most decent nights out involve alcohol. That’s a given. And is very hard to avoid. Getting drunk and having fun is the basis of a night out for many. Alcohol is a great catalyst for letting your hair down and enjoying yourself. But with one-shot-too-many, the enjoyment can turn into regret very quickly. When things start getting a little messy, it may be best to take a break from the booze and drink some water. Don’t spoil your own fun, or anyone else’s for that matter. Pace yourself!

Meeting spot, and Ask for Angela – Things can quickly begin to get overwhelming in the party atmosphere. It can be as simple as a panic from bright lights and loud music. Or worse, a creepy individual trying to make advances. Either way, clubs can become scary, quickly. To take precaution for this, your group should decide on an easy-to-find emergency meeting spot. So if you get broken up, or just feel uncomfortable, there is an easy way out. As a back-up, many bars and clubs use the Ask for Angela policy. Approaching a bar tender, and asking for someone called Angela will signal your stressful situation to them. And they’ll take it from there…

Hopefully by now, you have noticed most of these tips just rely on some minor pre-planning or small decisions. So why not take the time before and during your night to keep safe? It could make all the difference and ensures a night you’ll remember. For all the right things.