Gaming is now a huge part of everyday life. In fact, you can hardly get away from it when you think that you have a fully-functioning gaming device in your pocket. But have you ever thought about making money from playing games? Many people already have and now make money from doing something they love. The best part? You can get started now. Let us explain.

Get Paid to Live Stream

Professional gamers attract millions of viewers and make money from streaming, subscriptions, and sponsorships. Live streaming could mean you playing games or simply reviewing something that has just been released. If you are charismatic and entertaining, why not set up your own live streaming channel? Some of the world’s biggest gambling live streamers are on Twitch and make a comfortable living. For example, they review and recommend various casino games so you can then enjoy a wide-ranging selection of online slots next time you play at an online casino.

Gaming Journalism

Are you a big gaming fan with experience and knowledge to offer? If that’s a yes, get yourself into gaming journalism. Gaming websites want writers like you to help review games, provide opinion pieces, and write about any relevant general gaming news. The way gaming is growing, there should be many more writing opportunities in the future. Get on board and start writing for money.

Create Video Games Guides & Tutorials

If you have experience in certain games or know tricks on how to beat the hardest parts of certain games, why not create your own guide? Start a YouTube channel or contact gaming sites to see if they need your experience and knowledge. Don’t ask, don’t get!

Host Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

If you love to chat about games, why not try your own podcast? Get your mates onboard and have a laugh. Sometimes all it takes is a funny moment or a golden piece of gaming advice to create a community of listeners who come back time and again. Get your podcast big enough, and you’ll soon get sponsors knocking on your door.

Gaming Tournaments & Acquire Sponsorships

This one is for those who have a special gift for certain games. If you always win, it may be time to start entering Esports tournaments. You don’t even need to be part of a team for some of the smaller events. You may have to win some local competitions, but there are ways to become a professional gamer if you are good enough. You’ll then get access to those rewarding sponsorship deals and free gaming goodies!

Get Paid to Test Games

It’s one of the most sought-after ways of making money from gaming, but it’s not impossible. You may need a few attempts to access these types of gaming gigs, but once you get the right contacts, you could start testing the latest games before they launch. You’ll get paid for the privilege as well. Not a bad way to make money, is it?

Sell Accounts or Digital Items

Selling accounts has been a way of making money for a few years now. In short, you build up a high-end account in a game such as FIFA or Call of Duty, with the best players or best loadouts. You then sell that account and its login details to the highest bidder. Selling digital items is a similar tactic, too. You could write your own eBook or sell a digital version of your game guide. The possibilities are endless in a gaming world that gets bigger and better every passing year.