Being a fresher can be a daunting prospect. Leaving nearly everything and everyone you know, for a brand-new city with brand-new people. The word “fresher” is an appropriate one. Many students worry about finding their feet in their new world. Making new friends, getting to know their city and campus, managing money. From this, it can seem like a near-impossible task to manage. But to me, it’s all about mindset and preparation. A new venture is always going to be a little scary, but if these changes are embraced with positivity, it can be enjoyed all-the-more. Here are some helpful tips for freshers, who may still be struggling to look forward to university.


Making Friends – The first worry a lot of people have is making friends. No one wants to feel alone in general, let alone at the start of a new journey. The best way to introduce yourself may be easier than you think.

A quick Facebook search for your chosen uni, plus the year and the word “freshers”, and you’ll be inundated with groups and pages all relevant for you. Add yourself to these groups and introduce yourself! It’s a great way to find a friendly base in the city while you’re there.

When the time has come, and you have arrived at uni, it’s time for the next step. Taking advantage of events and activities you’re interested in is also a wonderful way to meet like-minded people. So, do not isolate yourself. Broaden your horizons to the new range of people you can now get to know.

Manage your money – Maybe one of the more difficult challenges students face is the aspect of finance. At first, newly claimed money can seem as if it will never run out. But this is not the case. Over-spending can quickly become difficult to control. To sort this out, proper pre-planning seems to be the way forward.

If financial essentials are worked out and paid for first, the money which is left over to spend is then much easier to handle. So, once rent, food, household expenses etc. are bought and paid for, the rest of the money can be used more freely. The last thing a student needs is money worries hanging over their shoulders. This simple pre-planning can save a lot of stress in the long run.

And be careful! Overdrafts seem all well and good, until you need to pay them back…

Getting to know your new city – City-dwellers often already know how to navigate the built-up streets, and maze of events and functions. But, if you’re from a little rural village, a move to a big city can be intimidating. Because of this, you may not know where to go, or how to get there.

Resolution to this is simple. Research! An easy google search for nearby events will bring up a plethora of things to keep you entertained, many specifically for freshers! On top of that, google maps is a saviour when it comes to navigation. Just put in your destination and find which public transport works best for you!


Now that wasn’t too formidable, was it? Going into university with an open-mind is an invaluable way to go about it. Prior feelings can be put to one side, and enjoyment of the process can be embraced. And at the end-of-the-day, who doesn’t want a painless freshers experience?