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Fish & Chips

In true British style, fish & chips is the most searched takeaway across the country as people tuck into the easy yet comforting grub. Being most popular in London with 18,100 monthly searches as well as being the number one choice in Bristol with 2,900 searches and 8,100 in Edinburgh, fish & chips are ideal both on a sunny day by the beach as well as in front of the TV on a cold winter’s evening.


Whether you love to dabble in the variety of different flavours by ordering different dishes and sharing with your friends or you have your go-to meal, Brits love the versatility of a Chinese takeaway. Birmingham is the biggest Chinese lover, searching 2,900 times a month which is closely followed by Manchester who also rank Chinese as number one and make 2,400 monthly searches.


Adding a bit of a kick to more traditional British dishes, the classic Indian takeaway is another firm favourite. Taking the top spot in both Liverpool and Newcastle, each with 1,300 monthly searches, an Indian offers something for all spice tolerances and traditional Indian dishes have been altered to suit the British palette for a saucy treat.


The simplicity of pizza cannot be beaten, being a convenient option for a quick dinner or a tasty treat on the go. Whether you prefer the classic margherita, the controversial Hawaiian or a fully loaded base with all the toppings, you can’t go wrong with a pizza takeaway. The cuisine is a number one choice in Leeds with 1,900 monthly searches as well as Cardiff, being searched 1,300 times by hungry locals.