New gadgets and new technologies come out every year, and there are always new upgrades and updates for your existing devices too.  At the same time there’s been a rise in the number of YouTubers and vloggers making tech videos, keeping you informed about new technology and giving you honest opinions about the products so you can see what they’re really like without all the marketing.  Here are five tech vloggers you can check out.

Marques Brownlee

YouTube: Marques Brownlee
Twitter: @MKBHD
Instagram: @mkbhd

Marques Brownlee has been uploading tech videos to YouTube since he was in high school and as such has been making YouTube content for over a decade.  He initially started out making tech tutorials, but his channel quickly branched out to include reviews, his first impressions of products, and interviews.  Marques has been able to talk with various celebrities including the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Will Smith, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Marques likes to get into the nitty gritty of each of the products he is testing or reviewing, giving you all the different specifications you’ll want to know.  He is also very honest and not afraid to change his mind about products if they don’t prove to be as good as they initially seemed to be.

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YouTube: UrAvgConsumer
Facebook: UrAvgConsumer
Twitter: @UrAvgConsumer
Instagram: @uravgconsumer

Run by Judner Aura, UrAvgConsumer is a YouTube tech channel focusing on reviewing gaming equipment, smartphones, computers, filming equipment and more.  Like his channel name suggests, Judner takes pride in being and appealing to your average consumer, unlike other tech reviewers he doesn’t have a professional background in technology just a passion for quality products.  As such, Judner’s tech videos focus less on the specifications of the products and more on the features that are most useful to the consumer.

Judner’s videos are very relatable, an every man like the rest of us, Judner knows what things the average Joe wants to know about and emphasises these points in his videos.  One aspect he gives particular attention to is cost, for lots of us owning quality tech products can seem like an expensive dream, but Judner’s videos show that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get want you want more affordable alternatives do exist.

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YouTube: iJustine
Facebook: iJustine
Twitter: @ijustine
Instagram: @ijustine

Justine has a wide range of tech videos covering everything from new phones to earphones to exercise equipment.  She’s even launched her own lightsaber!  Justine started her channel in 2006 and now has nearly 7 million subscribers watching her content.

Justine always has a high level of energy in her videos while also being incredibly informative and educational, this combination makes her very entertaining and engaging to watch.  Her quick dialogue delivery keeps things moving and she is always up-to-date on the latest tech releases and trends.

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YouTube: Estefannie
Facebook: Estefannie
Twitter: @estefanniegg
Instagram: @estefanniegg

Estefannie’s YouTube channel is completely different to the other channels in this list specialising in tech videos as she teaches her viewers while inventing amazing gadgets and gizmos.  Estefannie is a software engineer and uses her expertise and her imagination to create robots, Instagram filters, and vr games, and more importantly teach her viewers how to make these things too.

Estefannie’s content is highly engaging as viewers can watch the whole process from the invention’s inception and initial sketches to the final finished product.  Her videos give a realistic look into the engineering process showing that adjustments need to be made after each test and not everything is perfect first time, making it all the more satisfying when Estefannie gets everything working.  Estefannie’s videos are very educational and entertaining, what more could you want?

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YouTube: Mrwhosetheboss
Facebook: Mrwhosetheboss
Twitter: @Mrwhosetheboss
Instagram: @mrwhosetheboss

Behind Mrwhosetheboss is Aruni Maini, an economics graduate from the University of Warwick UK.  Similarly to the other creators in this list, Aruni has been creating tech videos for nearly ten years now.  Aruni has a variety of content, creating list videos, reviews, unboxings, tutorials and educational videos.

Aruni’s channel is particularly good if you want to weigh up your options and know what you’re getting into before spending a significant amount of money on a device.  Aruni takes everything into account highlighting all the pros and cons so you can decide what best suits your needs.  Aruni’s videos are also very well-produced with a slick professional feel to them compared to, for example, Estefannie’s creative homemade style.

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