The USA is often regarded as the most popular study abroad destination globally due to its eminent universities, quality education, excellent teaching standards, and high employability.

Moreover, the US attracts more international students than any other country globally, thus, making it a multicultural country that caters to its younger population with the tremendous exposure to help transform them both professionally and personally!

There are ample reasons to study in the country, but for this article, we have picked the five best reasons to help you comprehend why it is a worthy decision to make a study trip to the USA!

A Hub of Top Universities

The USA is often viewed as a hub of prestigious universities, which are well-funded and aided to maintain their high learning and teaching standards.

As per the list by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, 8 US universities have managed to secure their positions in the top 10. And according to the list of QS World University Rankings 2022, 5 out of the top 10 universities are from the United States only, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, United States, got the number one rank.

Besides being the home to the top universities worldwide, the country provides international students with the best and most reasonable options for student accommodation. So whether you want to shift into student housing in Dallas or student accommodation in Austin, Texas, you can find student housing of your preference at your desired location.

A Wide Range of Study Programmes

There is a reason why US universities constantly bag the top ranks in the world university rankings and attract hundreds of thousands of international students every year. It is because of the availability of diverse courses that can match the interest of almost everyone in the world.

No other country can compete with the USA in terms of the wide range of study programmes. From STEM programmes to liberal arts subjects to other skills-based courses, there is always a chance that you can find any unique programme you are looking for!

Multicultural Exposure

Living in a country like the US–which is well-known for its diverse cultures, ethnicities, and races–has plenty of advantages that will help you develop personally and professionally.

We understand that when you move overseas, you tend to feel homesick and clueless most of the time. But if you live in a multicultural community, it will help you get comfortable and provide a golden chance to absorb other people’s cultures, traditions, ethos, and values.

Besides, getting a degree from a US university is always highly valued worldwide. Studying in the country provides you an edge over others in terms of receiving global exposure and ample opportunities to become a confident and efficient worker!

Excellent International Student Support

American universities understand their responsibility to host international students by taking exceptional care of them. The US universities offer support and guidance to international students to help them adjust to their new life safely and securely.

From providing workshops to offering English-language sessions to conducting orientations to even finding off-campus accommodation, the US universities always go the extra mile to assist students with their total capacity!

Cheerful Student Life

The US is an incredible country that provides you with a plethora of great opportunities to learn and grow into your best self! The international students who prefer to come to the country can never have a single dull day. Instead, they always find themselves traveling and relishing great adventures both on and off-campus.

Now, let us discuss the on-campus activities worth spending your time in, such as events, student societies, hobby clubs, etc. These extracurricular activities will let you socialise with many like-minded people and help you explore your interests or further hone your skills! Moreover, if you want to boost your employability and earn some extra cash to support yourself financially, you can work various part-time jobs and internships.

The country has many exotic and fascinating tourist spots that you can’t afford to miss! So make weekend plans with your friends to travel off the beaten tracks, view local attractions, go to nearby eateries, and relax in scenic public parks. After all, not everyone gets the golden chance to study in a cosmopolitan country like the US, so you should make the most out of your experience here!

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Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She got the opportunity to work in a diverse range of industries and with people from all walks of life. Her rich and dynamic experience influenced her to learn new things every day and write passionately about them!