Life as a student can be tough financially. Many of us have to resort to loans, credit cards, and hand-outs from parents to get by. But fewer than should actually take the initiative to go out and find a job or look for a way to make money as a small business. So, to get you started with some inspiration, here we have found ten ways in which as a student you can use your time and skills to put a bit of extra cash in your pocket each week, from dog walking to mystery shopping…

  1. Become a tutor

One of your biggest assets as a student is your knowledge, particularly for those coming up in the years beneath you. You can impart that knowledge to those who wish to learn both offline and online if you market yourself as a tutor. If you are good at teaching word can quickly spread and you can earn a good wager of at least £10 per hour.

Sites like are a good place to start.

  1. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog walking and pet sitting services have become increasingly popular over the last decade and there are now numerous websites where you can sign up and offer your services. This may be easier than baby-sitting but it usually requires some experience with the animals concerned. Handling big dogs like German Shepherds in a park with other dogs around can be a challenge. Sitting at home with someone’s fluffy moggy less so. Either way, if you can handle it, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting can bring in another £10 per hour.

  1. Paid Surveys Online

Market Research provides plenty of opportunities to earn small cash payouts for reviewing the latest products and services. In your local area you may find opportunities, and in the online age there are even easier opportunities to cash in from the comfort of your home. Paid Surveys usually pay out rewards in the form of loyalty rewards, though sometimes hard currency. Check out Branded Surveys for the latest opportunities.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Online

For those with an understanding of the internet, web site development and content writing, affiliate marketing can provide a really good opportunity to make some money. The best influencers, streamers and blog writers can earn £1,000s every month by promoting products and services that are relevant to their readers or viewers.

Most online retailers, including Amazon, have an affiliate program that you can sign up to. But the biggest earners are normally in niche industries like adult entertainment or gambling. Keep in mind that these are highly competitive and strictly regulated but with a bit of planning and hard work you can successfully promote casinos and slots on sites like this one and earn a solid monthly profit.

  1. Delivery Rider

The gig economy may be controversial but it has provided ample opportunities for students to earn money in flexible jobs on the payrolls of companies like Uber, Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Amazon. You can become a delivery rider with just a bike or moped. You’ll need to register and provide ID but it doesn’t take long to get set up and the going rate is at least £15 per hour. Not bad for a job that keeps you fit at the same time.

  1. Jobs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a treasure trove of opportunities in every area of work. Quick and easy jobs that companies or individuals want to outsource are offered out at a default rate of £5 per hour. The majority are online and marketing-based but many require little in the way of qualifications. They may be social media posting, copy writing, video editing, simple design tasks, or onerous admin work with spreadsheets. If you have basic skills in these areas you can make money in your spare time.

  1. Sell Your Second hand Coursebooks

At the end of each year when you have completed your course of modules, an easy way to get some extra cash in is to sell your coursebooks to students coming through for the next year. Small change, but it all adds up – you can sell books directly on your campus, or through websites like eBay or Amazon Marketplace.

  1. Mystery Shopper

There are now many agencies that provide work for people who want to become a Mystery Shopper. And it’s not bad work. You can be a Mystery Shopper in restaurants and bars, or at numerous shops and retail outlets. Your role is to go in and request an order and report back on the level of service provided. You will get free drinks and food in restaurants or products in shops. What a great way to earn your money!

  1. Baby Sitting

For those who want more of a challenge than dog walking, baby-sitting can be another earner. If you are lucky you’ll spend most of your evening watching TV and dipping into the fridge. There are many baby-sitter websites as well as opportunities through local ads. As long as you look responsible and have a reference you should be qualified to baby sit. Note that in the UK you now need a Disclosure and Barring Service Check to look after small children.

  1. Charity Collector

If you like talking to people, have a nice smile, and want to generate good will as you make money, you might like to consider Charity Collections. You don’t just stand around shaking your money box, you’ll need to talk people into signing up and pledging their cash to your charity. It can be hard work and it is normally paid on commission (£20 or more per sign up) but it’s rewarding for those who can make it stick.

Those are just 10 examples of ways to supplement your meagre allowances as a student. There are many, many more for those with initiative and a bit of drive but these are a great place to start. So, no more excuses – get out there and start earning some cash!!