After pulling through long days and nights of working hard in school and spending their last dime on coffee, your graduate friend or relative surely deserves a gift for getting that coveted degree. Graduating from uni is a significant milestone since a lot of effort goes into it. The years are longer too, and the sacrifice is major. So whether your friend or relative has challenged their brain to graduate from law school, nursing school, or any other discipline, we have rounded up some gift ideas that you can use to make their day more special, and to celebrate graduating from uni…

Customised Portraits

After finishing college, the graduates are off to find their apartment, and don’t you think a nice and thoughtful portrait would look good on the wall of their apartment? It can also serve as a housewarming gift that they will remember you with. Portraits may also be used to pass across a congratulatory message that will make them feel special.

Informational Books

The post-graduation period is when most individuals need encouragement or just basic guidance on managing their finances, becoming good employees, or acquiring various life skills. Therefore, you should look for a book that fits the season.

There’s a lot to do after college, which can lead to self-discovery. Thus, you should at least help them fuel their passion as they start a new journey through motivational and incisive books.

Quality Wine

After years of drinking cheap beer and living under a budget, and struggling with essay papers and dissertations without the help of the best essay writer service, it will finally be time to unwind. You can take the opportunity to help the graduate explore new sophisticated tastes by buying them a bottle of expensive wine.

It’s okay to go out of your way and spare a few pounds to make your loved one feel appreciated. They can choose to keep the wine as mementos and open it on a special occasion, or you can toast it immediately to celebrate their achievements. Let the graduate decide what they want to do with the bottle.

Coffee Maker

We all agree that staying caffeinated keeps us going on days when we do not think we cannot function. The real world is filled with intense long working hours and early morning errands that require one to use some coffee.

Of course, the graduate could be used to staying up all night long finishing up on assignments to avoid hiring a paper writer, but the truth is the real world is faster-paced. A coffee maker will help them go through such dreaded days since they can customise their coffee according to their functionality level.

Customised Passport Holder

Help your friend dream about exploring different places by getting a customised passport holder. Such gifts inspire and may challenge someone to look for opportunities abroad. The gift is also thoughtful, especially if they have their name on it and a congratulatory message for graduating from uni. If they have plans to make international trips, they won’t have problems with their passport storage. The gift will last long enough for them to remember you even when separated.

Classy Watch

Most of the graduates will be joining the corporate world. So a thoughtful gesture is to gift them a watch that will fit well with their suits. They are also accessories that make a statement and are a reminder of the individual who gifted them. Besides, giving someone a watch is an excellent way to show them that you care about them and want to be part of their daily life even when you are not there physically.

Before buying a watch, ask about what design, quality, or brand the graduate likes, then surprise them with one. Surprising them with their dream watch makes the gesture even more sentimental.

If you’re looking for something unique, Dalvey has a selection of pocket watches you can have personalized with a special message or a date significant to the graduation.


Gifting people we love with neatly arranged flowers never grow old. So make sure you include it as part of your gifts. Flowers are a good way to connect emotionally, and they are always suitable for any event. Flowers portray deep emotions and show that you truly think about the person and appreciate them. Make graduating from uni that little bit extra special with a thoughtful and low cost gift of flowers.

Final Thoughts

Getting a perfect gift for a graduate can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with their likes and wants. Most college graduates would like inspirational gifts or any other item that would make their lives easier.

Graduation is a milestone that should be celebrated in style. Therefore, all your gifts should be thoughtful and directed explicitly towards making the graduate feel special. You can use some of the ideas described above to figure out what your friend or relative would like to have or what would make their graduation memorable.


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