Affording access to all the sports channels and streaming services can be difficult when you’re living on a student budget.  If you’re a sports fanatic and need more content than what you can afford or watch over a pint at the pub, we have the solution.  These sports influencers are constantly putting out new content, keeping you up to date on the latest sports news as well as creating original content to entertain you.


YouTube: F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel
Facebook: The F2
Twitter: @TheF2
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F2Freestylers, a YouTube channel created by Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch is one of the most successful sports channels on the platform with nearly 14 million subscribers.  Since they began F2Freestylers have become one of the largest social media sports influencers in football and have over 30 million followers across all social media platforms.  Because of their growth, F2Freestylers have been able to collaborate with many sports legends, such as Toni Kroos and Jack Grealish.

F2Freestylers combine humour and technique to create videos that are both informative and hilarious.  As well as making videos on how to master particular moves and plays, F2Freestylers regularly complete challenges and perform skits.  If you love football you’ll definitely relate to the all the jokes they make and frustrations they have.

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YouTube: 442oons
Facebook: 442oons
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TikTok: @442oons

A different kind of sports channel than the usual sports influencers that you may be used to, 442oons is a channel that parodies the world of sports through animation.  It was created by Dean Stobbart a teacher, actor, and voice actor.  Having noticed a gap in the market and having some knowledge in animation, Dean started making football cartoons.  His work was so successful that he has been able to expand and work with companies such as Sky Sports.

If you like ‘songs, skits, sketches and general silliness,’ and you have a love for football, 442oons will be right up your alley.  The channel delivers sports news in a way that is refreshing, creative, and entertaining.  So, you can keep up to date with everything going on in the world of football and be entertained at the same time.  Dean’s animations and skits are ridiculous and maybe slightly silly, but they’re always fun.

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YouTube: ESPN UK
Facebook: ESPN UK
Twitter: @ESPNUK
Instagram: @espnuk

The opposite of 442oons, ESPN UK takes a more analytical approach to sports.  Linked to the tv channel, ESPN’s YouTube channel supplies its subscribers with short nuggets of discussions and analyses of the latest games and matches.  The UK channel mostly focuses on football, however, also covers other sports, such as formula 1 racing.  It’s not all serious though, the channel also covers interviews with various sports people and plays games with them such as the ‘You have to Choose’ series.

ESPN conducts calm, in-depth discussions about the latest sporting events and news.  They get opinions from a variety of sources so you can hear the opinions of people in various different positions.  It’s especially good to have on in the background while you’re completing other tasks, like cooking, to make the most of your time.

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YouTube: Olympics
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TikTok: @olympics

Come to the channel where the games never end.  The Olympics is possibly the biggest sporting event in the world, so when it ends it can leave a big hole in peoples lives.  However, with the Olympics YouTube channel you can go back and rewatch your favourite moments to keep you going until the next Olympics comes around.  Unlike other sports influencers that thrive on keeping their channels up to date on the latest sporting news, gossip, and events, the Olympics channel is fuelled by nostalgia.  It reminds you of everything that’s happened and gives you a chance to watch the events you missed.

This channel has everything from the opening and closing ceremonies to compilations of Olympic highlights to exclusive documentaries, so you can learn even more about the events and athletes that you love.  They upload content on Mondays and Fridays so you can start and end your week with a taste of the Olympics.

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YouTube: Whistle
Facebook: Whistle Sports
Twitter: @WhistleSports
Instagram: @whistlesports
TikTok: @whistle

The aim of Whistle is to release content that is not only about sport but conveys uplifting and relatable messages to their viewers.  Compared to some of the other sports influencers, Whistle makes sure to have a wide variety of content and sports for people to watch.  Whistle wants to focus on the younger generation, encouraging them to go after what they want and pursue sports whether it’s as a career or a hobby.  Whistle highlights the effort young people are putting into their sports, showing people all the work that flies under the radar.

Whistle’s videos are always positive and inspiring, so if you’re ever feeling like you’re not doing as well as you want to, watching one of their videos can definitely bring back your motivation. Plus, Whistle upload new videos daily so there’s always something new for you to watch or a new sport to discover.

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