When it comes to keeping active and fit, there’s never a better time to start, then now! Not only does keeping fit and healthy contribute towards a better mind and body, but exercising also improves brain performance and sharpens the memory – perfect for students wanting to ace their exams!

As we enter adulthood, life can get pretty hectic and often our own wellbeing and health is not prioritised. Lately, like many of us, I have not been doing enough exercising. I was starting to feel sluggish – that needed to change – it was time to do something about it and take control. So, I took the decision to join a local gym in Norwich – David Lloyd, and I wanted to write this review of the club, to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, wellbeing and fitness.

David Lloyd Norwich Health Club First Impressions

Jumping straight in, the first impression of David Lloyd Norwich was very good. Each and every visit you are welcomed by genuinely friendly and happy staff always ready to help. It boasts a huge car park with free parking and is located just 4 miles north of the city. Added bonus is it’s next to ASDA so you can combine your gym visit with a food shop – just remember not to go shopping whilst you’re hungry, as it’ll cost you more!

David Lloyd Norwich Health Club Facilities

Moving onto the exciting stuff, the David Lloyd Norwich facilities are second-to-none, which is why I enjoy the health club so much. The gym equipment they have is very good – lots of top-quality machines, clean and laid out nicely with an upper area offering all machines needed for weightlifting and cardio work outs. The downstairs area has machines plus free-weights, a punching bag, ropes and spinning bikes for the more advanced workouts. The combined gym area is large and has a nice mix of people that attend. The health club is family friendly so you really do get a nice diverse mix of people, which personally makes me feel more at ease when it comes to working out.

David Lloyd Norwich Health Club

David Lloyd Norwich is not just a gym, its facilities include indoor and outdoor tennis courts, three pools, a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. The outside space is extremely nice with plenty of sun loungers on their terrace area, plus a heated outdoor pool and outdoor jacuzzi – when the suns out, you forget you’re in England – it feels like a holiday, pure bliss.

Inside Pool Area

When the sun goes in, you can make your way to the inside pool area – my favourite place inside has to be the enormous hydro pool which according to their website is “designed to rejuvenate sore muscles, stimulate circulation and boost your wellbeing.” It certainly achieves this because you feel very relaxed after – the benefits of hydrotherapy pools include reducing muscle tension, relieving pain, detoxifying, relieving stress and improving your immune system. When you’re relaxing in the hot water with water jets hitting your back, just close your eyes, forget time and release all the tension in your body.

As well as these amazing facilities, David Lloyd Norwich health club also offers bootcamp style classes ideal for giving you that extra push to get fit and stay in shape. Furthermore, David Lloyd Norwich has a variety of exciting dates in the calendar from poolside DJ weekends, BBQs to televised box-office sporting events which you can watch from their modern and relaxed café, restaurant and bar area. So, grabbing a drink, bite to eat and spending time to relax and unwind in the welcoming space (with free Wi-Fi) is an option for its members. They also have a private business hub area so you can work in privacy and peace.

My advice is to prioritise your health and wellbeing and book a day tour to check out the David Lloyd Norwich health club for yourself. It won’t disappoint.David Lloyd Norwich Health Club

David Lloyd, Drayton High Road, Drayton Road, Norwich NR6 5DU
Telephone: 0344 848 4732