Are you thinking about buying a car for university? Many students go without a car when they head off to uni, but actually, you might find it to be incredibly useful. There are both benefits and drawbacks to consider for buying or taking a car to uni and this post will outline the main considerations for you.

Taking a Car to Uni

The Benefits

One of the major benefits of having a car at uni is being able to drive to and from the supermarket, which would give you the ability to visit the cheaper supermarkets and not just the closest one. It is not ideal having to walk/get the bus when you have to carry all of your shopping and delivery can be expensive, so having a car is certainly helpful in this situation.

Having a car will also be helpful for travelling into and out of university if you live off-campus or if your uni is spread out throughout the city. On top of this, trips home will be a lot easier and you can go on road trips and adventures with your friends.

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks are that keeping a car can be expensive, especially at a time when the cost of fuel is so high. Money can be tight as a student, so you might find it difficult to keep the car on the road while also being able to lead a comfortable lifestyle. If you are thinking of buying a car, you will find it best to purchase a used car. You can find affordable used Audis in London for sale that could help you to make big savings on a car.

You might also find parking to be an issue when you have a car at uni. Universities often have limited parking for students and parking could become a problem if you live off-campus, so you could end up having to park miles away or having to use expensive car parks.

Another drawback to consider is that you could easily become a taxi driver for your friends! As most people do not have a car, you could end up ferrying everyone around. You need to be firm to avoid this while offering to take people when you are already making the journey, such as when you are doing your food shopping.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to taking a car to uni. These are a few of the key considerations to keep in mind and, hopefully, this post will help you to make the best decision for you. It can work out very well and come in handy in a number of situations, but it can also be a lot of bother and you need to make sure that you have somewhere that you can park.