Before you start writing an argumentative, persuasive, or research essay, you need to draw up an outline. It is needed to direct your thoughts in the right direction. Of course, it is unnecessary to strictly adhere to the outline when writing such a paper. The outline is needed to refer to it at any time and restore the original plan or adjust it. So, how to write it?

Essay Writing Guide: Tips for Effective Writing

How to write a good essay outline? To better understand how to write a composition outline, let’s break the whole process into stages. Any complex task becomes much easier when small but clear stages of its implementation are highlighted. Here is a template:

Choose a good topic

In a good topic, the solution of a problem is very important today for you, society, and science. Teachers often give students a list of essay topics, and they should choose the most interesting one for them. To simplify the implementation process, choose a topic you are already familiar with. If you already have an opinion on this issue, that’s great!

Study the information on the topic

When writing such articles, it is necessary to actively use evidence so it will not be superfluous to study the chosen topic. Pay attention to such points:

  • What is the situation today, its assessment by scientists, society?
  • What is the essence, the reasons for this or that situation?
  • What will the solution to the identified problem bring, and what state should be strived for?
  • What ways have already been proposed for the solution?

Think about the manifestation of the identified problem. Memorise examples, which can then be used as arguments.

Make a plan

The plan will help you understand how to start English papers, what to write in the main part, and how best to logically prove your point of view. You can highlight subheadings if needed.

Write an introduction

In the introductory part, you should indicate the relevance of the chosen topic (a couple of sentences are enough).

Write the main part

Start writing the main part with free thoughts. Write down and summarise your views and ideas about their justification. The facts selected when analysing information on the topic will come in handy here.

Next, following a logical order, arrange your theses in a certain sequence. They must prove your hypothesis so that later you can write about its fidelity. It is enough to bring 3-4 theses, so select your clearest comments or combine several of them.

Then select a few facts, research data, and logical conclusions to prove each thesis. Remember that an essay shouldn’t consist of a short description of the situation without explaining its essence.

Write conclusions

After substantiating your opinion samples, write a conclusion. Format features of this written work involve writing the conclusions immediately after the main text. In terms of volume, the conclusion doesn’t exceed one small paragraph. It says that the goal has been achieved, and you have proved the assertion you made earlier.

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