Choosing a gift for students can be hard. At a stage in life where everything is of potential interest and the basic necessities have likely been taken care of, it often takes something a little different to leave a mark. 

One area of increasing contemporary interest is space exploration. Technologically innovative and a reminder of mankind’s better qualities, especially useful in a time when the world can look a little bleak, space-inspired gifts might just be the thing you’re looking for.

NOMINAL Pen by Mercator

In keeping with the theme of practically applicable art pieces, we just have to include Mercator’s NOMINAL pen. The name of the pen, Nominal, is a direct reference to the term used in the space industry to indicate that a launch is going to plan. Inspired by Space-X, the pen features a steel body with four retracting legs that leave it looking like a slick spaceship. 

When retracted, the pen can sit on a desk, a reminder for students both to study and, perhaps, about why they study in the first place. For that extra level of personalisation, you can also have a three-letter inscription made in the mother of pearl cap. 

Unlike other space-inspired gifts, not only is the Nominal pen useful, it also doesn’t take up much room, a consideration for students with potentially limited space.

Brightworld Moon Lamp

One thing that most students share in common is an appreciation for cool lighting solutions. Nice lighting can make an average space seem special and change the mood, making a small room feel more like home at the flick of a button. The Brightworld Moon Lamp is a great addition to the lamp world for lovers of space, or even just anyone who’s ever stared at the moon before.

The lamp is an accurate, 3D printed version of the moon, made from PLA. It features the pits and craters we’ve all gazed towards in the past, lit from the inside by an LED light. 

It’s rechargeable, and next to the charging port is a small metal control button that allows you to adjust the light, both in colour and temperature. It can act as either a reading light or something more ambient, depending on the requirement.

The Constellations Glow-In-The-Dark Star Map (Northern Hemisphere)

A perfect one for stargazers, this glow in the dark star map of the northern hemisphere lets you look for your favourite constellations no matter the weather. What better way to distract yourself from the relatively insignificant worries of exams than looking up and being reminded of the cosmos. 

At 24 inches wide and 28.5 inches high, it should fit most spaces, or fit around other posters if the gift recipient has a significant collection already.