We’re living in an era when you can usually find out a lot about a person if you just take some time and look around online. You can always play detective if you’ve got the time and patience to do so, but you can also let a company do it for you.

If you’re unsatisfied with what you learn about a person by doing a simple Google search, you may contact a company that does more in-depth person searches. The more details you have about an individual, such as their full name, address, phone number, or email, the more quantifiable information this company can return to you.

We’ll talk about a few reasons you might do a person search right now. Maybe you’ve thought about some of these reasons before, but perhaps you’ve never considered a few of the others.

You Can Investigate New Neighbours

Unless you’re a landlord or landlady, you probably don’t have much control over the person who moves into your building or into the house next door to you. You likely have limited information about them, but maybe they’re doing something that concerns you. Perhaps they’re taking too much interest in your property, or you suspect they’re doing something illegal, like selling drugs.

If you can find out some basic information about this person, you can do a people lookup search and see what it tells you. It might reveal that this individual has a lengthy criminal record.

You can decide based on what you find to keep your kids and pets away from this person. You might even tell other neighbours to stay on their guard if you feel like the situation warrants it.

You Can Vet Your Romantic Partners

When you start dating someone, maybe you’ve known them for a long time, so you already know most of their background. More often than not these days, that’s not the case. You might meet someone through a dating site, and you only know what they see fit to tell you.

If you plug their name into a person lookup service, you can get back some information that you probably want to see. You might find out this person already has a spouse or family they’re concealing from you. Maybe they’re a lot older or younger than they claim.

You might find out they’re on the sex offender registry, or they spent some time in prison. Depending on what you discover, you’ll have to decide whether you want to confront this person or break things off with them.

You Can Find Long-Lost Relatives

Maybe you’ve lost touch with a relative at some point. Perhaps you have a distant cousin you once liked very much, but they moved, or something else occurred. Now, you want to re-establish contact with them if you can.

You can start that process with a person lookup search. You can put in all the information you have, and the search might locate this person living somewhere across the country or even overseas.

You might find out this person changed their name or did something else to conceal their identity. Maybe they have a good reason for not reaching out to you for years, but perhaps they’ve wanted to do so, but they’re afraid or nervous for some reason.

You might decide to contact them to see if you can rekindle the old friendship. If you loved this person and you miss them, taking this action might give you closure. At least you can tell for sure whether they’re trying to stay away from you intentionally.

You Can Look Yourself Up as Well

You might even look up your own name to see what you can find. It’s not just boredom or vanity that compels people to do this. It makes sense because you can learn what the internet will reveal about your personal life.

Maybe you thought you’d sealed court records that tell something about yourself that you’d prefer to conceal. Perhaps you can still find that information easily, and you’ll need to take further action if you hope to bury it. Maybe you have some old social media profiles that you thought you’d closed out years before.

If you’re job hunting and you’d prefer to keep some details about your life private, a person search for yourself can tell you what steps you still need to take. Next, you can look into ways to conceal that information if that’s possible.