“Time isn’t the main thing; It’s the only thing”, a famous quote by Miles Davis, truly encapsulates a student’s life throughout their life. It is a great skill that, once acquired, will last lifelong and be beneficial to each student who learns it as soon as possible.

The Meaning of Time Management

A day consists of a total of 24 hours. This is why limitations or restrictions are created regarding how much work we can get done in our day. So, to maintain a good relationship between your work and social life and maximise the productivity achieved in a day, one must create a division in the time throughout their day using a schedule or a timetable. It should be made so that all your priorities are given enough time to obtain quality outcomes. Your priorities should mainly be, Your work, sleep and social life. Socialising is essential as it gives the mind a rest; you can do this by spending time with your family or friends, as fulfilling needs is essential and keeps a person happy, which is why one works in the first place. 

Importance of Time Management for Students

Since studies or education for a student is a huge priority these days due to a lack of time management skills, they don’t give enough time to breaks or spending time outdoors, which leads to them burning out or falling into depression.

A well-adjusted student knows the value of time, and that lost time never comes back. This is why they should take the time out for their personal growth and development. This means including time for playing sports, video games, or even meditation.

By the time a student’s day ends, they are so tired or drained they don’t get time for self-studies which is a vital part of their education and understanding. The difference between a mediocre student and an outstanding student is proper time management skills and the importance of time management, leading them to perform better than their classmates.

How to Manage Time?

Leaving leisure activities or activities of unimportance for the weekends is the best decision for you and managing time. It also helps to include travel time to ensure a better-planned schedule.

Tips on how to Improve Time Management

Luckily, there happens to be many ways one can get their time management skills up to the mark. Here are a few suggested ways:

  • Start with a plan – Making a schedule to match all upcoming deadlines on paper or an online calendar can be beneficial. Including important activities and free time is essential; as a suggestion, you can also finish things a few days before the actual deadline to allow some time for emergencies.
  • Create a master schedule – And from this plan or schedule, set a fixed time for studies and completing assignments. This way, you can always stay on time! A tip would also be to colour coordinate the different subjects to make it easier to follow the schedule.
  • Start assignments early – Not procrastinating till the last minute and starting early on really helps get things complete in time without unnecessary stress!
  • Make project plans – A schedule will help you break down your massive project, which may seem overwhelming, into smaller steps or mini-goals and make it easy to finish!
  • Avoid multitasking – Focusing on too many things at once always results in low quality work. Maintaining a certain amount of time on one thing can help with high-quality work.
  • Reduce distractions –Stay focused is key to time management which means during study time, no unnecessary devices and a water bottle by your side.
  • Taking regular breaks – Taking a break helps with calming your mind and delivers optimum results and outcomes, and the mind gets to rest regularly and then come up with better-finished projects.

So if you want to live a productive and wholesome student life by multi -tasking with your work and fun then time management is a skill you need to focus and work on to get the most out of your day!

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