Online gaming is on the rise. While most games are free to play, others require fees to be paid. In our digital world, if you are on a long journey or want to keep yourself entertained at home, games are the best option for you. Phone users always search for new and updated games on their mobile phones to stay away from boredom.

In this piece, we concentrate on paid games, but if you do not want to spend any cash, we’ve posted some of the top 5 free smartphone games.

The graphics available in these paid apps are higher in quality compared to free ones. You can buy access to any paid game when you want. But how can you be sure that it will be exciting and up to your taste?

This is the reason you should learn before you pay for it. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 5 best-paid games of different genres.

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas is an open world type RPG action-adventure game with more than 70 hours of continuous gameplay. It is available on almost all the known platforms, and now you can easily play it on mobile devices without any hassle. You will play as Carl Johnson and walk the path of dangerous and corrupted reality to hold your family and honour while playing this best-paid Android game.

You need to complete missions to progress, but you can just drive around and cause havoc like in any classic GTA game.

It’s popular across the globe and is one of the bestselling titles of all time in New Zealand. There are many games within the game, such as visiting the casino and playing roulette or craps.

But if Kiwi players wish to play for real money and up the ante, comparison sites like Casino Reviews help to find the best ones. The platform provides comprehensive reviews and you’ll even be able to claim a juicy welcome bonus. In addition, all recommended operators accept the NZD and there are plenty of payment methods available to deposit and withdraw.

Out There: Omega Edition

This award-winning space adventure game provides mind-blowing graphics and in-game sounds. The game interface and controlling system are top quality. It is a great investment for many gamers all around the world. Here, you have to play as an astronaut who is lost and far away from the known galaxy.

On the adventure you will meet many alien creatures and 3 major civilisations in which you will have contact with. It’s highly rated and scored 85/100 on Metacritic for its originality and exciting gameplay.

Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic

KOTOR is from the Star Wars franchise, providing any Android platform users the full experience of the game. The file size is similar to the console and PC version, so expect the download time to be longer than the average.

The timeline of the game is four thousand years before the beginning of the Galactic Empire. The choice is yours to become a hero, a saviour, or a villain who embraces the dark side. It has excellent gameplay, and you are able to duel in light saber battles or pick up a gun to defeat your enemies. For certain, you will have hours of fun playing this Star Wars classic.

Sky Dancer Premium

If you are interested in an action movie-style running game, then you can purchase Sky Dancer Premium. It is the best graphics game for Android. Here, you have to run as far and fast as you can while watching over the holes and drops on your way.

The game tactics are very interesting, and it can become addictive – fast.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a simulation farming RPG game. In this paid Android game, there are a lot of lands that you can utilise and turn into a farm of crops and cattle. There is a large area to explore and you develop a great business.

As a player you take on activities such as growing crops, raising livestock, fishing, cooking, mining, and foraging. You’re even able to get married, raise a family, and build the business up from the ground.