Beat the heat with these hottest tech

Our British sun’s back in full swing, tagging along hellish forecasts of record heatwaves. As someone who hates extreme heat with a H, the following cool takes feature the hottest tech to evaporate your summer.


Robot Lawnmower 🤖

Nothing quite beats the smell of freshly diced grass one summer morning. But everything beats cutting it yourself in the blistering UV rays tanning your skin to human leather. And that’s exactly why you need a robot to accurately trim your treasured lawn.

The first step is to place electrically charged wires around the garden’s perimeter – not unlike digging down flower bed fencing. Onboard sensors will therefore prevent your lawnmower from wandering into the sunset. Then the rest is entirely up to the robot, including self-charging at designated base stations.

Hang on, what happens to the cut grass? Are they possibly digested as bio-fuel? Sadly, this is still 2022, and you must dispose of its clippings yourself. Plus, these Roomba cousins ain’t cheap. But neither is skin replacement surgery.

Typical price range:  £400 ~ £1400


Bladeless Fans 🆒

Not all fans are equal. Some can purify the surrounding air. Others are deathly silent, producing just 50db at sleep modes. And some even ship with a timer linked to your smartphone!

So fan rights aside, Dyson’s bladeless fans that combine all of the above are surely the hottest tech on this must-buy list. Not only are they elegant in figure, they are also the safest option – particularly for small hands and paws crawling around your house.

Surprisingly, Dyson isn’t always the top choice despite their successful marketing when it comes to performance. For economical yet equally efficient solutions, try fans by Ocean Loong.

Typical price range:  £100 ~ £500


Neck Coolers 💨

You’ve probably applied cool water to your neck on sweltering days. Since veins are close to the surface on our necks, it’s almost a ritual among sprinters to quickly stem swellings. And that instant gratification as your body’s core temperature lowers is what inspired portable neck cooling fans.

For bladeless fans (pun intended), I recommend TRILINK and U-MISS. They may look like oversized headphones, but their sleek designs are classier than most.

For more affordable alternatives, try products by Amacool. Don’t be disheartened by the old-school blade retention – their fans still use brushless motors. Thus creating less heat and noise pollution compared to the cheapest brushed counterparts.

Typical price range:  £15 ~ £30


Cooling Vests 🦺

If you’re still determined to never miss a track day, at least keep yourself cool with evaporative cooling sportswear.

Simply soak these specially-designed vests in tap water, which will naturally evaporate away during a typical 5-hour run.

And for those planning to vacation in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere (Duke of Edinburgh Awards?) try ice vests instead. These fancier alternatives function via channeling melting ice water through tubes zigzagging across your military-grade vest.

Their embedded water pumps are battery-powered, and can last up to 4 hours. However, Li-ion batteries may bleed out more quickly (or burst) if worn at hot temperatures for sustained periods. Talk about hottest tech!

Typical price range:  £20 ~ £200