London school of Economics & Political Science

LSE is a constituent college of London colleges, it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and courses in various fields like Business management and International relations and Finance. It has over 10000+ students enrolled and is an amazing option to pursue Business studies.

University of Oxford

Being one of the most ancient colleges in existence running since 1096, a vast campus and also a vast selection of courses, degrees under and postgraduate. It is a collegiate institution and is one of the top research universities of the world. It has its most famous Said business school which offers admission to international students as well.

University of Cambridge

This university has been standing since 1209 and offers one of the finest education in the world. It consists of 31 residential colleges out of which 3 are women only. Almost 35% of its students are enrolled in postgraduate learning. A fun fact about it is that it has more than 100 libraries and 20% of its students are from NON-EU countries.

University of Warwick

With having more than 23,000 students enrolled. It was founded in 1965 and was a government initiative to expand higher education. It offers courses even in mathematics and English literature. It has a great business program and a variety of other options to choose from.

Imperial College London

Founded in 1907 it was initially a part of London college however became an independent institution in 2007. Its bases in various locations but the main one being in South Kensington. A limit of 15,000 students attend with first year UG housing guaranteed. There are engineering, medical and business divisions and an excellent program.

London Business School

Also a constituent college of University of London it was founded in 1964 and offers exclusively MBA and postgraduate courses. It is also currently ranked among the finest educational institutions for MBA. It has students from more than 100 countries and an acceptance rate of 25%.

University of Manchester

Being a part of Russell group of universities it has the largest single standing campus in the UK. It has 40000+ students enrolled and is located on oxford road. It offers scholarships and undergraduate and postgraduate courses. They guarantee housing and stay for new full time students provided all critions are met. They also have an array of degree options to choose from besides economics and business.

University College London

UCL is a public research university founded in 1826. It’s based in Central London however it also has branches overseas. It consists of a large student body coming from over 150 countries. It has 11 departments in sciences and is also affiliated and partnered with many universities for medicine and other things.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University offers a wide range of UG courses from over 280 options. Its acceptance rate is 18%. It is ranked in the top 15 league table in the UK and has a growing reputation nationally as well as internationally.

University of Leeds

Also a public research college based in England established in 1874 it was first the Yorkshire college of science. It has more than 9000 international students and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It has a 64% acceptance rate and is widely famous for its great teaching methods and excellence in education.

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