Everyone looks forward to going in a summer trip. A chance to take a break from studying or use up those precious vacation days and to take a break from work.  However, while relaxing on vacation is great, the lead up to the trip can be really stressful.  This article is full of things to think about when you plan your holiday, so your summer trip can be easy-going from beginning to end.


Obviously, one of the first things to decide after you’ve worked out where you want to go on vacation is when.  It wouldn’t be much of a summer trip if you didn’t know when you were going.  The sooner you know when you want to go and come back, the sooner you can book time off work or plan your study schedule around it.  It’s also a good idea to try and avoid peak holiday season if you can, such as by going on vacation before schools break up or after they start again.  This way, your vacation is likely to be cheaper.


Possibly the most important thing when thinking about taking a summer trip is to be realistic about your budget.  You don’t want to be in the middle of your vacation and find that you can’t afford food or transport.  A good habit to get into is to make a list of all the expenses you expect to come up i.e. travel, accommodation, transport, food, activities etc. then put aside some extra money for fun activities you may not have thought of before going, and a separate emergency fund.  You’ll never be left stranded without cash.

Work Out Travel Early On

Speaking of travel expenses, it’s a good idea to book tickets for your mode of travel as early as possible.  Prices can often vary, especially with things like flights for example.  Some companies offer discounts if you book far enough in advance.  It also means if there are any problems with your booking, or your vacation plans change, you have more time to sort it out.  Therefore, keeping your summer trip stress-free.

Have Backups In Case Technology Fails

We tend to rely on our phones and laptops etc. for almost everything now.  But there’s always the possibility that they could fail.  Whether due to a low battery, having no charger, or no WIFI, technology is never 100%.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have physical backups of tickets, booking confirmations, directions, itineraries, etc.  Anything you might need during your summer trip.  Just in case.  It’s also smart to bring extra chargers or battery packs on vacation with you if you can, for extra security.

Vacation Lists!

This might seem pedantic to some but making lists can be a godsend.  By making a list of all the things you’re going to take with you on vacation you are not only less likely to forget to take something with you, but you can refer to the list later, so you don’t forget to bring something back as well.  You can also make lists of activities you want to do and when you can do them.  Or lists of buses/trains that are available to you and when.  The list of lists goes on!

Summer Trips | Major Activities

Some people like to plan exactly what they’re going to do on their vacation. Others prefer to go with the flow and let their summer trip be more spontaneous.  Both of these attitudes are perfectly acceptable. However, if there are major activities that need a bit more planning, for example they might only be available at certain times, it’s a good idea to work out which ones you want to do beforehand and when. This is especially true if you have any specific requirements that need to be accounted for. Again, you may also want to book in advance for discounts.

Planning is important. But the main thing is to enjoy your summer trip, whether you’re going with friends, family, or having some time alone. Hopefully, these tips will make the planning stage of your vacation a little easier and take some of the weight off of your shoulders.