We caught up with Canadian singer/songwriter sensation Olivia Lunny having just released her new single VIBE CHECK, in collaboration with internationally renowned Bhad Bhabie.

Olivia Lunny Interview by Jenny Medlicott


Hey Olivia, great to chat with you today. First of all, I’d love to know what you’ve been up to lately?  I actually just released my new single ‘Vibe Check’ a few days ago so it’s been a busy and celebratory week!

And so, for those who don’t know, how did your entry into the music industry begin? Growing up music was always playing in my house. My Dad taught me guitar when I was 12 years old which led me to fall in love with writing music. As I entered high school, I started playing local gigs around my city. By 18 I had put out a few songs on SoundCloud and the following year had my first top 40 single on Canadian Radio. Continuing to play shows and write, I put out my debut album last year and have been riding that incredible wave ever since! I’m so thrilled to step into this new chapter of my music.

Your single ‘sad to see you happy’ did pretty well on TikTok last year, are you hoping for a similar response with Vibe Check? TikTok is such a cool platform. I hope fans find ‘Vibe Check’ to be a soundtrack to their summer memories.

You’ve just worked with Bhad Bhabie but if you could perform with any artist of your choosing, who would it be and why? Ed Sheeran. I’ve been following Ed since day one and love how versatile he is when collaborating with artists of any genre!

What does your dream music career look like? Playing shows on a global level, deeply connecting with fans, collaborating with incredible artists/creatives and brands.

Can we expect to see a new music video, or even new album, from you anytime soon? Without giving too much away, there is lots more music coming and with that some very cool creative pieces that will be coming in tandem!

And finally, do you have country or city you’re dying to visit on tour someday? I’ve never been to London, so that is at the very top of my travel list. I hope to visit/play a show there very soon!

Olivia Lunny Interview by Jenny Medlicott