Exams are finally over, and many of you are eagerly expecting well-deserved results. At last it’s time to treat yourselves with the following tip-top student gadgets!


Desk Dust Sweeper

Often study at the library? Then check out these acrylic beasts that devour all the rubber and dandruff peppering every shared student desk.

Price range:  £10 ~ £20


Clip-On Fan

These USB-enabled desk fans are the perfect companions during your summer revisions. Keeping in mind the Met Office’s Amber Warning of super hot temperatures this month, cool your mind with these clip-ons.

Many popular options on the market ship with rechargeable batteries that can last upwards of 8 hours.

Price range:  £10 ~ £20


Smart Lampsmart lamp

Nothing quite trumps the list of top student gadgets than these. Controllable via WiFi and Bluetooth, plus even the capability to sync to your favourite tunes’ BPM, smart lamps will brighten up your room like never before.

It’s time to furnish your house with intelligent devices by Lepro or Philips Hue!

Price range:  £30 ~ £130


Portable Printer

portable printerChances are, your dormitory doesn’t come with a ready printer. So what – the library’s fitted with the latest laser printers. Yet it’s something that may only occur to you until assignments are apparently due next day. So certainly not an option when your peers are thinking the same thing!

Portable printers to the rescue: wireless, cloud-based and slender. You won’t ever again have to battle the morning rush! We therefore recommend the likes of Canon PIXMA TR150 or HP’s Officejet 200 for their ultra light frames.

Price range:  £120 ~ £230


Laptop Stand / Desklaptop stand

Getting sick of back and neck pains from hunching over your laptop? Then get your posture back with foldable laptop stands. Several stands even ship with USB-powered fans to cool down your CPU-intensive sessions.

Alternatively, why not buy an adjustable “breakfast desk” – basically serving as laptop stands with legs – with drink holders to boot? Perfect for studying from any room of your house.

Price range:  £10 ~ £30


Laptop apple macbook laptop

Entering university for the first time? Then you may want to purchase a laptop with Intel Core i5 processing at minimum. (Or equivalently Ryzen 5 for AMD fans.) Because running design and simulation software, for instance, during your coursework will eat a considerable amount of CPU power.

You may even want tangible features like pinchable screens, ergo, we recommend trendy touchscreen laptops by Dell or Acer.

Price range:  £800 ~ £1200


Pomodoro Clockpomodoro, tomato, tomatoes

The Pomodoro technique is oft-cited as an incredibly effective studying tool. Named after the Italian word for tomato, software engineer Francesco Cirillo took inspiration from his pomodoro-shaped kitchen timer. So he invented this nifty time management tool to combat any inclinations to postpone projects to his tomorrow’s self.

Hence, if you’re highly prone to mindless procrastination and impulsivity, it’s time to delete your stress hours by the minute!

Price range:  £10 ~ £20;  £0 (if you install scheduling software that simulates the clock!)


Smart Watch

smart watch

From fall detection to active health monitoring, these are becoming indispensable as technology gets ever smarter. Not only can you receive text messages and alarm calls, the latest smart watches even track your sleep quality!

So keep fit and be always alert with these top student gadgets.

Price range:  £120 ~ £200


Pumped to buy these top student gadgets? Leave a comment below for other cool devices to splash on this summer break!

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