Over the last few years, what was once a fashion niche has become a genuine fashion revolution. Sustainability in fashion and the demand for products that are fair and ecological have risen quickly following the rapid awareness of the climate crisis and the need for consumerism that is more conscious of nature.

Below, we’ve explored the benefits of sustainable fashion, including how to make more sustainable choices that will have both a positive change on the world around you and on your wallet too.

What are sustainable fashion choices?

There are many things that go into making fashion more sustainable. Here we’ve listed just a few:

Staying clear from plastic and packaging waste

Even if the garments themselves are sustainable, if the packaging isn’t kind to the environment as well, then the product cannot truly be considered sustainable.

Using natural and biodegradable fabrics

Prioritising organic materials is a huge part of making fashion sustainable. Not only should the fabrics be organically grown, but they should also be 100% made from the same material to make the fabrics not only biodegradable but also recyclable.

Employing natural dyeing methods

The toxic chemicals in dyeing processes release around 20,000 different chemicals into the environment and are considered to be the fashion industry’s biggest problem. Instead of using these harmful chemicals, fashion brands can use natural dyeing processes instead, or avoid dyeing processes altogether.

Maintain fair production

Like plastic packaging, the whole process of making fashion garments should be fair in order for it to be truly sustainable. This is why sustainable fashion retailers prioritise fair and respectful working conditions, including fair wages, reasonable working hours, and a complete ban on child labour.

Why should you make sustainable fashion choices? 

Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, shopping sustainably means you can enjoy better quality of your clothes since sustainable fashion brands focus on using quality materials and finishes that are kind to the environment – and made to last. Making sustainable fashion choices also helps you repurpose your own unique style. Unlike fast-fashion retailers, many sustainable brands focus on creating timeless pieces of high quality like men’s diamond earrings made with ethically sourced diamonds.

How can you make sustainable fashion choices?

  1. Look for the organic logo. Organic cotton works with nature, rather than against it. During production, organic farmers also save precious water, combat climate change, feed families, and eliminate GMOs and toxic hazardous pesticides.

  2. Embrace ‘less is more.’ Did you know around a third of the clothes in the wardrobe of an average Brit haven’t been worn over the past year? It’s easy to reverse these statistics by embracing a capsule wardrobe and mixing and matching with what you already own.

  3. Tell brands what you want! There’s a reason so many people cause a storm on social media. If your favourite retailers aren’t making sustainable choices off their own backs, tweet or message them directly and demand they make changes. You’d be surprised to see how much they’ll listen…

Making sustainable fashion choices can make all the bit of difference in combatting climate change and making the world a better place to live in. With some small adjustments and knowing what to look out for, it’s easy to shop (and wear) sustainably.