As a nursing student, you may have wondered why so many of your peers choose to pursue a career as a family practitioners. Though it may require more time spent attending school, there is a slew of benefits to putting in the time and pursuing this profession. For those who find they possess the best nurse practitioner qualities, it may be a smart career to look into. Here are some of the reasons that so many nursing students choose to become family nurse practitioners.

Higher Salary

Many may be surprised to know that family nurse practitioners make somewhere around 50% more in salary than their RN counterparts. This huge discrepancy in income is one of the many reasons that many nursing students are drawn to the idea of pursuing a career as a family nurse practitioner.

In some cases, when family nurse practitioners are more in demand, they can command even higher salaries. This is typical in places such as rural areas where a shortage in doctors may require professionals such as family nurse practitioners to help provide care to everyone who needs it.

Being a Part of Making Healthcare More Accessible

Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to healthcare in the United States. One of the biggest barriers making it challenging for many people to receive the healthcare that they require is exorbitant costs. Though this disheartening reality is far from being completely remedied, family nurse practitioners are beginning to become a more popular solution to the problem.

For individuals’ intent on utilising their skills to help those in need, a career as a family nurse practitioner can allow one the opportunity to do so on a regular basis.

In addition, family nurse practitioners offering cheaper healthcare alternatives have the chance to be a part of a radical shift in healthcare that makes health more equitable and accessible for more people.

Growing Field

The role of family nurse practitioners is growing at an above-average pace. Those pursuing a career in the field can rest assured that there will be a surplus of open positions available upon graduating. In addition, the percentage that role is estimated to grow keeps increasing with each passing year.

This is one of the many benefits of becoming a nurse practitioner and nursing students who want to be a part of a growing field can find it in the role of a family nurse practitioner.

Increased Work-Life Balance

Since family nurse practitioners are advanced nurses, they enjoy more autonomy than their registered nurse counterparts. One place where this autonomy is significant is in the ability to decide the types of hours and schedules that one works.

Though there are different environments that family nurse practitioners can work in, and each has different requirements, family nurse practitioners typically are able to craft schedules that are conducive to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As such, many nursing students are attracted to the beneficial schedules afforded to family nurse practitioners.

The Opportunity for Private Practice

One of the biggest and most attractive draws of becoming a family nurse practitioner is the ability to open a private practice and practice nursing independently. However, it must be noted that this is not the case everywhere, and different states offer nurse practitioners different levels of autonomy to practice privately.

For nursing students who want to practice on their own, becoming a family nurse practitioner offers them the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality. This being the case, it makes sense that many nursing students are making it a point to pursue careers as family nurse practitioners.

Building Deeper Bonds with Patients

While many family doctors are able to foster deep, meaningful, and lasting relationships with many of their patients, many registered nurses may have a much harder time doing so. For family nurse practitioners, however, this is very much in the realm of possibility.

In some cases, family nurse practitioners may take the role of a primary care doctor. For patients who see family nurse practitioners in this capacity, it is normal for deeper bonds and relationships to be established. This deeper connection with patients is another reason that many nursing students pursue the family nurse practitioner profession.

Family Nurse Practitioners are the Future

The role of family nurse practitioner is taking on a new role of importance in today’s evolving world. More and more people are beginning to see these professionals as an alternative to primary care physicians. These changes are making healthcare more accessible to more people and ushering in a new age of healthcare.

Nursing students intent on pursuing a lucrative career that has the power to help those in need can find the perfect career in the role of a family nurse practitioner.