How to give your Instagram profile a head start if you decided to promote it in 2022 

Many people have a common misunderstanding that in 2022 it is almost impossible to quickly and efficiently promote an Instagram profile, and that for it you’d have to spend lots of money and spend months. However, this is not true, and there are certain tools that can help to sufficiently fasten the process of your page’s promotion. In this article we will talk about several free and several paid methods that can help you with boosting your profile and making it more valued and followed. We will start with the free tools, as those are less unprofitable in case of not succeeding. However, if you’d combine several free methods in one promotional campaign, the chances of not succeeding are very-very low.

  • Learn when is the best time for you to post. Most specialists say that it is best putting forward content from 2 to 5 p.m., although for different countries with different traditions and mentality that time can vary. The best way to figure it out would be picking a blogger who is creating content in your niche and in your country and follow them as they post throughout the day. Note when they are posting regular publications and when they are putting forward stories. Remember the time and repeat after them. Easy as that!
  • Post on Saturdays. This is a time when people rarely put forward any content, therefore your post will be higher in people’s feed and they will definitely see it and notice it. This is highly important for the novices, who are striving to gain their first likes and their first subscribers. Even if you think that nobody logs into IG during the weekend, you’re wrong: many people love spending time at home and surfing social media.
  • You should have a decent content plan that is going to be fulfilled exactly in time. You can use the apps for delayed posting, where you can plan certain posts to be published at a certain time, and the app is going to do it for you just like you’ve planned it. You don’t have to be always there, online, putting stuff forward. The only reason why you should be online though is to answer the comments and the direct messages which will come as soon as you post something new. So make sure to set notifications about those to get them in time and answer them in time and quickly as well.
  • Offer bloggers who have the same number of subs as you free mutual PR. Let’s say both of you have 200-300 subs each, but together you can gather nearly 500 subs. That’s very convenient and very smart, and it is free – you’d be surprised to figure out how many people are actually waiting for an offer of mutual PR but just are too afraid to reach out themselves. So don’t be shy and write to as many people as you can. Choose bloggers only in your or neighbouring niche though, to make sure that the audience is definitely going to be interested in following a new person.


But if you’re here for quicker results, you should be aware of the paid services that are available to you right now. For example, you can buy real Instagram followers and cover your needs in a constantly growing audience. Especially, if you’d buy a subscription which will deliver a fixed number of subs to your profile each week or each month. The only thing that is important to remember though is that you need only real subscribers coming to your page, as the fake ones can worsen your statistics a lot and make IG algorithms stop showing your content as recommended to other people due to huge bot’s activity related to it. So check twice what quality services you’re going to order and never pay your money to anybody until you make sure that everything’s fine with the pack that’s about to be delivered to your profile. Some companies offer free trials with 10-50 subs in them, so that their clients could figure out whether they want to work with that promotional website or not. Do your research, and if you don’t have time for that, just use a link that we have given you in this text – it is going to save you lots of time and money.

Summing up: follow the principles that we have given you in this text and your profile is going to gain many subs in the shortest time possible. The best strategy is to combine paid promotional services with the free methods to reach the most tangible and quickest results.