Online tutoring is a rapidly expanding industry, with many looking for e-learning services to advance their businesses, jobs, or knowledge in a particular area. The online service assists students in enhancing their classroom instruction by offering them tutoring in the UK individualised assistance in one-on-one sessions using video chat.

Although it’s always fantastic to meet in person when possible, online tutoring in the UK is the way to go in today’s society. There is nothing like contacting a tutor on-demand, even when we are not living in a time of social alienation. The top online tutoring companies have thousands of instructors available at all times for each student, so young people may call for homework assistance if they are up at three in the morning studying or have a window of 15 minutes before heading to teen-friendly summer jobs.

Additionally, these sites can attract better instructors because the schedules are so flexible and demand less of your time (and don’t require you to drive to a physical location), with many of them holding graduate degrees in the subjects they claim to teach. Additionally, many provide connected workspaces with digital whiteboards, group text editing, and other tools that give the impression that students and tutors are in the same room.

Additionally, you are not limited to the tutors available in our surrounding area because there are so many tutors in these networks. It follows that your kids can connect with a subject-area specialist in just a few minutes, whether they need assistance with reading, arithmetic, advanced engineering, or nursing.

Additionally, it extends beyond academic areas; you can obtain help completing college exams and essays, creating a résumé, and attending job interviews. Who wouldn’t sign up when you had that much intellectual capacity at your disposal?


With Chegg, you may pay $30/month for an hour-long virtual session with a live whiteboard or $6.95/lesson for one on-demand discussion with a tutor – in other words, costs that students can afford. Tutors are available to help students with a range of academic areas as well as the college application process.

Club Z

Club Z strives to connect students and tutors who will work well together. Before scheduling an appointment, students can talk with potential teachers online. The service will reimburse the first hour if they are unsatisfied with the tutor after the first lesson. Along with music classes, it even offers tuition for preschoolers. The entry-level package costs $242 for four hours of tutoring.


This website prefers to refer to its instructors as mentors rather than tutors. Each student receives a unique Workplan from the service, which also keeps track of all its sessions on video for later review. (They also provide free, printable worksheets if you merely need a refresher between classes or school years.) Pricing ranges from 21 dollars per month for one session to 900 dollars per month for 50 sessions spread over six months.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy isn’t only a tutoring service; it also offers curriculum materials that can support in-class instruction or introduce a youngster to a new subject. The resources are free; however, there is no live instruction or one-on-one tutoring (only videos students watch at their own pace).

Learn to Be

Learn to Be is a nonprofit that provides free and inexpensive services for kids who need them, so if the hefty cost of online tutoring turns you off, you can still benefit from it. (You decide if you can afford it.) The warning: This isn’t on-demand tutoring; you’ll need to complete an application before beginning, which includes parts for parents, school teachers, and pupils.


Preply welcomes instructors from all over the world who are proficient in any language you can think of, including Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, and Urdu. It’s great for students who want to learn or practice a foreign language with a native speaker. Since tutors are independent contractors, their fees differ.

The Princeton Review

With the acquisition of the well-known, The Princeton Review created a one-stop shop for homework assistance, exam preparation, and tutoring. It says that more than 5,000 students use this service every night. Most programs offer a better guarantee, and the cost ranges from $40 per month for one hour to $1,450 for 50 on-demand hours spread over six months (dividing out to be $29 per hour).

Revolution Prep

No part-time workers are allowed at Revolution Prep, and its staff members spend more than 150 hours yearly on training and development. (According to the website, they have PhDs and Jeopardy! champions among their ranks.) But you’ll have to pay for their knowledge: Small-group test preparation costs $400 for 12 hours, while private tutoring costs $1,200.


If you want to hire a tutor occasionally when you’re stuck on a challenging assignment or topic or need some last-minute study help, Skooli has a pay-as-you-go pricing plan that costs $0.82 per minute; you’re not bound into a monthly plan, and you may connect to instructors 24/7. The website includes tutors for all disciplines and grade levels, including ESL and business courses.


90% of the tutors at Pearson’s Smarthinking hold postgraduate degrees in their fields, so they are knowledgeable. There are tutors for every topic, but when it comes time for your kid to enter the workforce, writing is the focus, along with resume revisions and interview preparation. The cost of an essay or resume critique ranges from $25 to $125 a month for four hours of online tutoring.


Tutors for special needs students should be familiar with their preferred learning methods. The tutors on this website all have at least a Bachelor’s degree in special education. They feel that pupils benefit from online tutoring because they are in a familiar and comfortable environment (i.e., home). Prices begin at $25 per hour.