WordPress revolutionised the world in 2003, and since then, it has grown to become the most popular tool for creating and managing websites. Its main benefit is simplicity so that even the most inexperienced users can implement it in their activities. Moreover, it offers hundreds of useful plugins that make your work more convenient and efficient.

Of course, ordinary users do not even think about how everything works from the inside. They just prefer ordering items in a few clicks, playing games, and leaving feedback for the purchases they liked, or creating a presentation necessary for learning within several minutes. However, managing a successful website requires a lot of effort and work, so take a look at the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce.

Akismet Plugin For All Websites

Security should be the top priority when operating on the Internet. Each user should feel protected against any kind of fraud. This works for any business: for instance, stores should provide their customers with total personal and banking data security. Gaming clubs also actively use Akismet for their members to play, claim a casino bonus UK, and proceed with all payments securely. This WordPress plugin should definitely be added to your list of must-have tools for site development.

WooCommerse: Top Tool for Your Company

It’s the most popular plugin used worldwide and indispensable in your business. The first and еру most critical feature is product management, allowing to add goods to the website and manage their categories and labels. It also provides the opportunity to monitor customers’ orders and deliveries, rates and feedback, form discounts, set email newsletter, and many more. You can test WooCommerce for free to understand whether it’s convenient for you.

Get a Successful Online Store with eShop

Over 10,000 people are already using this plugin, making it a demanding and helpful option for your online business. It’s similar to the above-mentioned app and allows the following:

  • Track all deliveries: everything is conveniently divided into categories, so you will see which orders are still waiting for processing, which are waiting for payments, and which have been already given to the customer
  • Products: all goods are given on a table, and it’s easy to manage them
  • Discount codes: the plugin allows quickly generate discounts for consumers and proceed with a newsletter in a few clicks

Over 25 add-ons can be installed in addition to eShop. And its main advantage for users is that everything is absolutely free.

All in One SEO Pack for Better Optimisation

This option is a perfect promotional tool, which will help SEO specialists’ work more pleasant and easy. It’s considered the best in the industry and allows proceeding with such features:

  • The possibility of integrating with the Google Search Console
  • Opportunity to proceed with SEO-settings
  • Numerous useful functions, including micro-markup for social networks, formation of sitemap, adjustment of description and title, and so on

It’s worth noting that this plugin interacts perfectly with other add-ons so that you won’t experience any troubles such as low connection speed or overloading of your device.

Instant Feedback with Contact Form 7

Contacting customers is the key for any company – could you imagine a website without the opportunity to receive feedback? Contact Form 7 is the best plugin installed on millions of platforms and is an indispensable tool for businesses. It has a built-in scam protector, CAPTCHA, and a wide selection of forms. It’s possible to set newsletters to all or select recipients and all filters according to your preferences and demands.

WPtouch for a Perfect Mobile Adaptation

This plugin makes your website perfectly compatible with smartphones and is pretty easy to use. No business can now avoid a mobile version that will look simple and elegant, and WPtouch can significantly help you with this issue. It has many adaptive templates, so you can add your content to some ready-made solutions. In addition, you can tune the advertisements without any extra add-ons. Get WPtouch and try it for free to understand that it’s a fantastic  tool for everyone managing a website.