Video games have become a popular form of entertainment. Many people, young and adults alike are engaging in video gaming making it one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into. It is not only the business aspect of this activity that has been exciting the world but also the entertainment and fun it provides to players. The same can be said about the best real money casinos online platforms. They offer a similar level of entertainment and fun while also according the players offer a chance to take home some money in form of winnings. So what are some of the best video games that can provide lots of fun on your weekend?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a 2022 video game that forms part of the eighth generation in the series. The video game features a protagonist who is sent back in time while traveling through some region on Hokkaido island in the early Japanese society. It centres on the exploration of an area that is populated with Pokemon. The action-role playing video game focuses on the preservation of the main gameplay of the entries that have been played out in the main series. Players have a chance to roam freely in the region which is divided into five biomes. A player has an opportunity to spawn, increase their speed and enter other camps when they enter the areas. 

As indicated in the reviews that are available online, the game is such satisfying that players can battle Pokemon and catch them unawares. Ella Houghton says she has played the game and found it such an entertaining piece and goes ahead to warn fans that they risk getting addicted to the video game. Ella in her reviews of online casino games provides comprehensive summaries just like she has done for the game. Her profile can be accessed here.

Strange Horticulture

The game allows the player to engage in a puzzle where they can be the proprietor of a plant store. As a proprietor, the player can find and identify plants, take care of a cat and speak to a coven. The game allows the player to influence the story and unravel the dark mysteries.

In the windermere town, players will find hag infested environment which also contains rugged mountains. As a farmer, you own a local plant store, the strange horticulture and as the customers come, you quickly thrust an occult mystery. This is the best detective game that you can ever play where you balance interactions and minimise frustration.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow 6 Extraction has been described in the reviews as a good game, one that is worth spending your time on especially during a weekend. Tom Clancy’s game is a multiplayer shooter video game that demands players working together to fight and defeat the archeans, a type of aliens who are described as parasite-like.

The game supports up to 3 players meaning that a small group of close friends can get together on a weekend and have the fun of their life as they infiltrate an infested location and complete the mission. They engage in collecting samples, extracting materials, and even gathering intelligence, all with an aim of defeating the enemy. Each play session has three interconnected maps where a player is assigned any of the 12 objectives. Upon securing the objective the player has a chance to select an extract or explore the next map. A new area gets difficult as one advance but, the beautiful thing is that players get more rewards.

The trick is in early extraction as it ensures that the operators are safe. If an operator is downed by the antagonists, they become MIA and players have to mount a rescue mission if they are to use them again. Characters who are injured cannot continue. This is an interesting game that not only gives the player the thrill as they battle the enemy but also the excitement that comes with a win.

Nobody Saves The world

This is a video game that is played by an individual but can also involve multiple players. The player needs to control Nobody, a state character equipped with a wand that can transform into eighteen forms. A player needs to explore the world and complete the objectives to earn upgrades and stars.

Other games that can offer a great experience to a video game fan over the weekend include:

  • Elden Ring
  • Horizon Forbidden
  • Total War: Warhammer 3
  • Sifu
  • Olliolli World, among others

The above video games are no doubt some of the best forms of entertainment today. They are a package that any video game fan will enjoy during the weekend. One will never know how time flies, you will start on Friday and by the time it gets to Sunday evening, to you it will seem like only three hours have passed.