Make sure you’re best prepared for your new start this September.

With many on the verge of starting their university careers and counting down the days until the start of a new term, the excitement of living somewhere new and meeting fresh faces is building. As exciting as a new chapter is for many, it can also be daunting for both parents and freshers.

Ledlenser, the portable lighting market leader, is on hand with the university toolkit to help everyone have the best start possible while also helping parents take a deep breath knowing their young adults are safe on their new start.

For on the go and peace of mind

When you’re struggling to find something important in your bag, need a guiding light to find the keyhole in the door, or maybe just for that extra peace of mind in a new city or around campus; the K6R Safety is the perfect companion.

Ultra-compact yet powerful this keychain light has up to 400 lumens as well as a shrill alarm for emergency situations. It can also be quickly and easily recharged via the simple fold-out USB-A interface. Stronger than the torch on the back of your phone with a max of 400 lm and a maximum battery duration of eight hours, this is your new university and personal safety essential!

For exploring your new surroundings

Moving to new surroundings doesn’t mean forgetting your old habits. Keep your morning or evening runs well-lit and discover your new city with the comfortable, lightweight, rechargeable NEO1R Running Headlamp. 

Put simply, the NEO1R is a great combination of minimalism and power that enables you to PowerUp and conquer the dark.

The ultra-compact NEO1R is extremely lightweight at only 39g so it won’t weigh you down on your run, but its reflective headband will provide 360 degree visibility, keeping you safe on those early morning and late evening runs. The Red Light Mode will also help you maintain night vision when out running while the sun is down.

Thanks to its rechargeable capabilities, the NEO1R will not only save you money on batteries, but can also reduce your environmental impact. While the Ledlenser temperature control system prevents it from overheating and getting uncomfortable while you’re out running.

For style and functionality

The Lite Wallet Plus is a torch, wallet and powerbank…all in one!

Not only will you have somewhere stylish to keep your cards and money stored safely with this sleek high-quality leather case. You’ll also have a handy light for when you need to find something lost in your bag, or dropped on the floor.

It can also save you from missing that perfect Insta pic moment by providing a quick energy boost to your smartphone when it’s battery is getting low. The Lite Wallet Plus comes with different charging options, either wireless or USB-C, so you won’t be left without battery.

Product information:

  • K6R Safety Rechargeable Keychain Light, RRP £27.95
  • NEO1R Running Headlamp: £39.95
  • Lite Wallet Plus: £79.95

 Available online from

About Ledlenser

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