Most university students prefer to work in part-time jobs and internships while pursuing a degree. It is a rewarding choice because it helps students gain professional skills and experience relevant to their careers while exploring lucrative opportunities.

Every semester of my four years in college, I worked part-time or had an internship. As a result, I had two jobs and classes to manage throughout some semesters — it’s not something everyone can do, but it’s a lot simpler to be successful in managing your studies while you work when you break it down step by step.

While balancing your academics and an internship would require more time management and commitment, it is entirely possible if you stick to a regular plan. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you’re giving each of your responsibilities equal attention and not letting one consume all of your time and energy.

Consider the following suggestions if you intend to finish an internship and university coursework at the same time:

Examine the internship profile minutely

If you’ve been wondering, “How can I do an internship during the semester?” we have the solution for you. The first and most crucial factor to examine when looking for an internship in college is the internship profile. You must ensure that the internship profile corresponds to your college course and career goals. In addition, the certifications and experience you make during an internship will be incredibly useful in your job in the future. So, just as you choose your high school stream based on your career aspirations, you must choose wisely which internship profile to pursue. For example, if you are studying for a B.Com in college, internships in finance, marketing, HR, and business development are good options.

Paid Internships are great, but there are other options!

While a paid internship sounds like a win-win situation, it is not always the case. Firstly, finding an internship that pays can be a little challenging. Secondly, just because an internship is offering a stipend, it doesn’t always make it worth your while.

Internships are beneficial for two reasons:

  1. Excellent value/added experience
  2. Looks great on your CV

So, if unpaid internships can add significant value to your CV or help you develop experience in your field of study, you should definitely consider them. Most reputable organisations offer internships that are not paid, but they are fantastic opportunities. Not only do they provide an excellent opportunity to explore a particular career, they also is an enlightening experience.

However, keep in mind that not all unpaid internships are worthwhile. It is not good to do an unpaid internship that does not bring any specific value to your portfolio. Because you will be under the burden of doing meaningless labour, as a result, strive to identify the ideal internships that are worth performing for free. Otherwise, follow the rules and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your labour. This will keep you going and increase your morale.

Classes must always be given top-most priority

Another important element to consider is whether the internship precedes your coursework. You must prioritise your studies when pursuing a degree and interning simultaneously. It can be difficult to split your time between your internship and coursework because it is, in fact, quite true that an internship can boost your CV and career prospects. However, it shouldn’t be given more importance than your studies.

An internship can help equip you better for jobs in the future, but without good grades in your degree program, it might not be a fruitful experience after all. Therefore, to reap the benefits of working while studying, you must strike the right balance between the two.

Please keep this in mind. Do not put your studies on hold in exchange for an internship. If you believe your grades are falling, look for training with fewer hours. In this manner, you can also concentrate on your studies and assignments.

Maintain an organised schedule:

It is rarely a situation where students are plagued with the doubt, “How to conduct an internship while studying?” It can be a little tricky to manage the two. Having a well-organised schedule is essential for juggling college and internships. Believe me when I say that being organised is the best way to accomplish an internship while studying without becoming fatigued or overwhelmed. You’ll be more likely to miss deadlines at work and college if you don’t have a timetable. And this is not at all healthy. As a result, you’ll put a lot of pressure on yourself.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in getting organized (if you aren’t already):

  1. Before going to bed, make a list of your upcoming tasks.
  2. Assign time lines to all of the tasks on your to-do list first thing in the morning.
  3. Give yourself enough time to rest between chores.
  4. Set alarms if you’re prone to forgetting things.
  5. Cross the tasks off the list that have been performed.

For example you live in a student accomodation in Dublin, you can even put up a white board in your room and write down your to -do list so that you never miss out on any deadline whether it is from college or your internship!

Your employer must be aware of your availability:

Yes! This is extremely crucial if you don’t want to be assigned a job during college hours. Ascertain that your employer is aware of your college schedule. Also, if you have any additional classes or coaching, make sure they are aware of it. This is necessary so that you do not lose attention during study time.

Give ample notice of your intention to take time off for an examination:

Again, if you have tests, notify your employer at least two weeks in advance. This way, it will get easier for you to learn and for your company to manage the workload.

Make time to relax and be present in your personal and social life:

It isn’t easy to do an internship while also succeeding in college. However, if you want to reach equilibrium, remember that enough relaxation is crucial as hard effort. When you undertake an internship in college, you’ll notice that your social life gradually diminishes. You can also feel as if you’ve lost touch with yourself. These things happen to everyone in the beginning, so you don’t have to be concerned. But don’t make it a habit!

Allowing your work-study regimen to disrupt your social/personal life balance is not good. So, stick to your timetable to give yourself ample time to relax and mingle! Also, try to avoid work-related calls or talks when spending time with friends or family. Keep them out of your thoughts and focus on the present.

Finally, enjoy your time off since it will help you re-energise and return to work with more stamina. For example if you stay in a student accommodation in Glasgow, you can go out to a nearby park or the street for an evening walk to unwind and feel fresh.

Balancing an internship and a job is similar to balancing training and schoolwork. You must manage two separate things at the same time in both circumstances. So, completing an internship while studying is similar to driving an internship while working. You must prioritise your full-time job and establish clear boundaries to manage your time while working full-time and then on your training. Also, keep an eye on yourself to ensure you don’t get lost amid all the extra work. Finally, allow yourself enough time and space to unwind and relax.

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