Getting frisky during Freshers? You can get FREE condoms and lube with the Essex eC-Card

New start ahead!

This month is Freshers’ season! From making new friends to learning to work the washing machine, there’s lots to think about.

Another thing you might want to add to that long freshers’ list is sex! Loads of people are going out during freshers’, drinking, dancing and having sex.

You might be ready and excited to explore your sexuality and intimacy with someone – it’s your choice.

If sex is on your list, there’s a scheme in Essex called the eC-Card – which gives you access to FREE condoms and lube if you need them!

Sex positive during freshers’

Condoms are great for when you want to explore sex and intimacy. With condoms, you and your partner(s) can make empowered decisions on your pleasure and boundaries.

Lube is also great for exploring pleasure during sex. It can be used with toys, to heighten sensations and make sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

There’s so much to explore when it comes to sex – it’s time to enjoy yourself, if you choose to join in with the freshers’ fun. If not, that’s perfectly fine too – it’s all up to you and there are other ways you can have fun.

If you’re having sex during freshers’, with a pack of condoms and a sachet of lube in your pocket or phone wallet, you’ll be good to go!

Your choice

Communication is so important when you’re having sex. It’s great to know what you and your partner want, what you like and what you’re comfortable with. Clear and open communication is all part of sex positivity and having good sex.

If you want to use condoms and lube, let your partner know! These are your choices, and that should be OK. Freshers is the time for you to live your best life – so it’s time to be empowered by your choices.

Should you want condoms and lube, the eC-Card is a great option. It’s an app which you can get on Android and Apple phones.

Once you’re on the app, you can pick up a discreet and convenient package of condoms and lube from one of many pickup points across the county.

Have a great freshers’ week!

Whatever happens, sex or no sex, freshers’ is about enjoying yourself! So allow yourself to feel all the emotions, good and bad – it’s all natural. And, if you’re having sex, remember to stay empowered and communicate. If you need condoms and lube for free, the eC-Card has got your back!