Adam Lockwood spoke to us just before his latest stunt – climbing to the top of The Shard. The daredevil shocked residents living in a 40th floor apartment as he climbed past their window. Adam Lockwood continued his climb to the top of the 310m skyscraper, where he took a selfie from the dazzling heights, barefoot. Adam Lockwood was later arrested when he returned to the ground on suspicion of trespass on Sunday 4th September. We caught up with the free climber just days before to talk about his climbs, why he does them and what goes through his mind whilst hanging from hundreds of metres in the air…

Adam Lockwood interview by Ben Farrin

At what age did your desire to climb tall buildings become apparent?

At age 16 I went out and discovered my town had a huge abandoned building with a 200ft chimney and I instantly became addicted. From there, things just got taller and more dangerous.

What’s the tallest climb you’ve done?

425m building in Dubai, second tallest building in Dubai and 32nd tallest in the world.

What goes through your mind when dangling from crazy heights?

Absolutely nothing, my mind is as clear and blank as if I were sitting on a chair.

What’s been the most dangerous and risky moments of climbing for you?

I have so many things I’ve done that would be considered dangerous or risky, but one that stands out is hanging off the tallest crane in Dubai (390m), with one arm on a slippery bar, next to the tallest building in the world.

Adam Lockwood Free Climbing The Shard

There must be many risks including slippery surfaces, winds, limited light and vision. Why do you do it?

All of those things can be countered, accounted for and planned so I don’t see any of those as risks.

What about the permission side of things. Do you get into much trouble with property owners, security, authorities and the law?

Yes, but only when you go through court, anything else doesn’t really matter that much.

What’s been your toughest climb?

Free climbing Sky Melia in Barcelona was my hardest free climb yet.

What do your family and friends say to you about your climbing?

My family hate everything about it, my friends are people who support me, I don’t want friends that don’t support me.

Adam Lockwood Free Climbing The ShardAre you not afraid that one day you might make a vital mistake?

No, never.

Are there any climbs you’ve not done but want to?

So many to name I cant type them all!

You’ve travelled to many different places. Which climb took the most planning and what kind of preparation goes into it?

The building I am climbing soon, I cant say what it is yet but its going to be unbelievable.

Please finish this sentence. Without climbing, life would be…

…pretty dull.

Adam Lockwood interview by Ben Farrin