With all the digital weapons at their disposal, brands must necessarily adopt different strategies for any target segment, employing different languages and content depending on the objective to be achieved. The web and social media, from this point of view, offer an extremely valuable opportunity for all those companies that wish to extend their range of action beyond their usual clientele and conquer other market segments, perhaps by fishing for new customers among the young and very young, in the infinite and multiform basin of the new generations that use the opportunities offered by the web in various ways.

Until a few years ago, in order to conquer different targets, a company was forced to shell out large amounts of money to insert its advertisements in magazines or newspapers read by a certain category of public, hoping to capture the public’s attention and induce them to buy. In short, it was a bit like shooting in the heap, since brands could in no way target their message to a precise category of users, selecting them on the basis of age, gender and the preferences they showed while using certain new media, such as social networks, through likes or shares of certain content.

An unpredictable conjuncture

Nowadays, with the total unpredictability of this historical conjuncture, every brand finds itself in the condition of having to diversify its promotional strategies, directing them from time to time towards different segments of the public animated by extremely different drives. In order to reach these audiences, brands must know how to make the best use of the firepower of online communication, which in recent years, thanks to the advent of social media, has reached an unparalleled level of effectiveness, allowing each brand to set up an ambitious, comprehensive and, above all, targeted communication strategy, with the possibility of achieving its objectives extremely quickly and with relatively low outlays.

One of the most difficult challenges, from this point of view, consists in capturing the attention of the young public, of all those students and teenagers born in the new century who have spent most of their lives online, and whose daily rhythms are now for the most part punctuated by the lightning-fast pace of the web and the network. The different characterisation of social media, in a way, already allows companies to identify which platform to exploit to fish for new buyers, immediately discarding all those that are mostly used by an older audience, such as Facebook. The problem is not so much finding the right virtual space, but filling it with content that can awaken the interest and attention of an extremely complex audience such as young people.

The role of dynamism

Regardless of the actual content of the message, which must necessarily be more or less clearly linked to the product or service offered by the company (or its values), brands must be able to create visually powerful and dynamic content. These two elements, dynamism and visual vibrancy, are the two fundamental ingredients that any brand will have to use in order to attract the interested gaze of young people, or at least to temporarily stop their gaze while scrolling through TikTok or Instagram message boards. Being able to stop their scrolling of the feed for a few moments is, in a way, already a great success. The chances of users then deciding to find out more about the brand’s activities and its products would then multiply by leaps and bounds, inevitably pushing users towards the completion of one or more purchases.

The enormous potential of the web has thus enabled many companies to broaden their horizons, establishing real contacts with new types of customers and winning their interest through the effectiveness of online content, particularly that expressed through social media. These new possibilities have already been successfully employed by some specialised online gambling portals, such as SBO, which for years has continued to capture the interest of its multifaceted audience with quality content and dynamic, aesthetically pleasing and stimulating gaming experiences.

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The different audiences, regardless of their category, must always be stimulated and intrigued by new content that can briefly catch their eye, even if only for a few moments, arousing an interest that may even last a lifetime.