Modibodi® launches the Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief: A tiny pair of leak-proof underwear doing big things for our planet

Global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi® is on a mission to become carbon negative by the end of 2023 and the next step in that journey is the launch of their first Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief.

But how can such a small pair of underwear be doing such big things for our planet? The answer is simple. To create the Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief Modibodi has partnered with C2Zero to lock away carbon and stop polluters getting their hands on it, using emissions allowances.

Emissions allowances are like ‘permission slips’ for big polluters. They need this kind of permission to keep polluting on a mind-blowing scale. Instead of using them to pollute, C2Zero locks the emissions allowances away in their virtual carbon vault where they can never be used by big polluters. Or anyone else. Ever.

For every pair of Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Briefs sold, Modibodi will remove 2.4kg of carbon from the atmosphere, in total removing 10,000kg.

The Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief initiative and C2Zero partnership are part of a broader set of sustainability commitments by Modibodi.

“At Modibodi we have a mission to become a carbon negative business by the end 2023. Anyway we can, we are reducing our emissions, through the fabrics we choose, designing for longevity, using sea freight, switching to renewable energy where we can and ensuring carbon creation and biodiversity is part of our decision making.” says Sarah Forde, Modibodi Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs.

“Partnering with C2Zero helps us take another step towards this goal. We believe one of the most powerful ways we can help drive the change needed in reducing carbon emissions is by taking the emissions allowances big polluters need, out of circulation, so they can never be used to pollute. For every single pair sold of the Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief, we’ll be removing 2.4kg carbon from the atmosphere.”

“C2Zero is delighted to be working with Modibodi, we have been thoroughly impressed by their dedication to emissions reduction. Their Carbon Neutral Pant initiative is a clever way to reduce emissions and bring customers on a journey. At C2Zero, every Emissions Allowance we lock away is one tonne of emissions that won’t be released into the earth’s atmosphere by big polluters. It is through our partners support, including Modibodi, that we are able to accelerate action towards keeping temperature rises below 1.5 degrees” says Dr Roger Cohen, C2Zero Founder.

The Carbon Neutral Seamfree Full Brief is part of the Modibodi Recycled Seamfree collection. A fan favourite for anyone wanting to get on with their day, without their period or light bladder leaks dampening the mood… and without VPL.

The discreet Seamfree style is ideal for wearing under your favourite outfit, without being detected and features Modibodi’s scientifically proven – super thin (3mm thick)– patented Modifier technology to absorb liquid fast, control odour and keep you dry.

Made from 73% recycled nylon from pre-consumer fibres for less waste and less energy use, the Recycled Seamfree style is already doing its bit for the planet. Add on the fact that this pair is Carbon Neutral too and you’ve got a pollution fighting superhero.