Fashion expert reveals how to stay stylish and warm on a budget

Style experts at Nasty Gal reveal how you can stay warm and stylish on a budget.

You’ll find expert advice for the most versatile clothing and fabric options as well as top style tips for refreshing your winter wardrobe using pieces you already own.

Winter 2022 has been fraught with worry over major news events, tense political moments and the cost-of-living crisis.

As it gets colder, it can be easy to live in joggers, jumpers and slippers.

However, the 2022 trend ‘dopamine dressing’, which has already racked up an estimated total 31.7 million video views on TikTok, and involves dressing with the intention of lifting your mood, proves that now is the time to switch up your style and enjoy the pay off.

Wear thermal under layers

Thermal base layers are an affordable and versatile addition to your wardrobe that helps you to stay warm all day.

Before putting on a jumper, wear a thick long sleeve t-shirt. If you’re worried about getting too warm, wear a thinner long or short sleeve t-shirt.

Layer using thermals, tights and other under layers. Wearing opaque tights underneath trousers or jeans will keep you warm but remains hidden, so you won’t have to compromise on your outfit.

Wearing a thermal base layer means that you can afford to wear some thinner layers over the top, allowing you more freedom to mix and match clothing. No longer will you need to separate your wardrobe into summer and winter.

Style tip: We recommend having a thermal in your skin tone so you can camouflage it underneath other clothing.

Reuse summer clothing

You can re-use your summer clothing by using layering.

You can layer a summer dress with a turtleneck jumper or a long sleeve bodysuit. Pair with thick tights and chunky boots.

Add a winter coat and you’ll be warm. You can also use skirts too. Tuck a sweatshirt into the waistband and wear under layers.

Reuse the clothes you already own to unlock more outfit combinations, saving you money in the long run. Put pieces together that you haven’t tried or thought of before.

Play with the fit and you’ll be surprised at the new looks you can pull together using summer clothes. Just don’t forget to wear warm under layers.

Invest in a statement winter coat

If there’s one thing everyone should have for the colder months, it’s a durable, weatherproof statement winter coat.

Not only will it protect you from the elements, you can create a high-end look just off of a statement jacket and very inexpensive basics.

Thrifting and vintage shopping is a way to find high quality pieces for very low cost.

See our coat style guide below:

Trench coats are set to be a must-have item for winter 2022. In the last five years, searches for ‘womens trench coat’ have skyrocketed by 208% and search levels are currently at an all-time high in the UK.

They are a timeless classic and work well as an outer layer, without being too bulky for under layers. They are breathable and lightweight, yet weatherproof.

Trenches don’t fade out of style, so it will last years from now, meaning your cost per wear will be worth every penny.

Style tip: colours like camel, nude or grey work well and look timeless. Or opt for colourful leather for a big statement.

Puffer jackets have been around since the 1930s, so you know they’ll keep you feeling stylish throughout every winter. And the insulated air pockets are designed to retain heat.

Style tip: the bigger the better. If it’s too tight it won’t look right, plus you’ll compress the insulation and lose warmth.

Faux fur coats are one of the warmest coats on the market. They are also easier to look after and less likely to fade than real fur. Plus, it can be more durable and just as fluffy soft.

Style tip: Faux furs look luxurious and pair well with midi dresses and knee-high boots for the perfect date night look.

Teddy coats are usually boxy and oversized. They hug your body and keep you warm in a soft and fuzzy sherpa fleece. A teddy coat in neutral colours will pair well with everything in your winter closet.

Style tip: Layer over a white cable knit sweater, wide-leg jeans and brown heeled boots.

If you already own a winter coat but want to freshen up the look, add a regular belt to the coat to dramatically change the silhouette. You don’t need to stick with the belt that comes with your coat, if applicable.

A belt lets you play with different colours and textures, and it will cinch your waist to cut a feminine shape and add a new look to the coat, keeping your fits fresh every time.

Elevate your look with accessories

Accessories give your outfit details which makes it look high-end. Accessorise with gold jewellery or sunglasses. Long necklaces can lengthen your neck and add a finishing touch to your look.

Pairing your outfit with a sturdy handbag tends to look more expensive than a slouchy boho bag because of the clean lines and classic structure.

Accessories can make the difference between a finished or unfinished look as they provide detail to an outfit.

Some quick top tips for staying stylish and warm on a budget:

  • Keep your feet and head warm. Most of your body heat is lost in these places.
  • Avoid distressed clothing. It won’t retain heat as well.
  • High neck jumpers will help with warmth and will give you a classy touch.
  • Mixing different materials and textures will elevate your look, such as linen and cotton. This will add visual interest and depth to your outfit.
  • Wearing monochrome looks expensive. Experiment with outfits that are all one colour, different shades, or two matching colours and one contrast. In winter, most people dress in darker colours, so wearing a pop of colour will stand out.