Home away from home: decorating your student digs on a budget

Embarking on your university journey can be rather daunting. For many, this can be the first time that they have lived independently. A lot of students may prefer to live in halls of residence, either for their first year or the duration of their studies. 

These may have some rather strict rules regarding how you can decorate the space. Therefore, thinking of some clever design choices that show off your personality while still meeting those criteria can be important. Once you know what changes you’re allowed to make, keeping costs low should be your next priority. 

In this post, we’ll explore how you can decorate your student digs on a budget. Read on to find out more. 

Gorgeous artwork

You may want to have a number of pictures hanging in your room. While you may have considered tacking photos and posters to the wall as a child, you may want to have something a bit more sophisticated when you go to university. 

Having your favourite photographs turned into beautiful wood prints can be one way of achieving this. For the conscientious student, it can also be good to know that the wood for your art came from sustainable sources, and may be fully recyclable. This can also be a rather inexpensive option, which can be helpful when you need to make your money go further – which we all know is a common issue for students! 

Keeping time

Although you might rely on your mobile phone for most things, it can still be nice to have an actual clock in your room. This can enable you to keep an eye on the time with a mere glance, and even aid with getting you to lectures and seminars on time. 

Opting for a freestanding clock with an alarm function could be useful in accommodations that don’t allow you to hang things on the walls. It may also be good to keep it away from your bedside, to help prevent you from simply turning it off and going back to sleep. Managing your own time is an important skill to help you successfully complete your university qualification, as well as stopping you from using your phone and becoming potentially distracted whilst studying! 

Help yourself relax

Going to university isn’t just about doing more work. It can also allow you to find yourself as a person independent from your family. While you may go out a lot with new friends, you may want to create a safe, welcoming space for you to return to. 

Opting to decorate part of your room with cushions and blankets can aid with relaxation. When picking blankets, you may want to consider longevity. While natural materials may breathe more, artificial fibres also have their benefits. Interestingly they can be just as soft, but also be more likely to keep their shape and colour for longer.

It can be important to keep a strict budget when you go to university, even if you have a part-time job. That being said, you may also want to think about making your room feel more like home. Some smart design choices could help you to spend as little as possible while still achieving results. You may want to avoid going overboard when decorating, especially if you need to transport all these items to a new residence next year.