Leading British eco-cleaning Delphis Eco is giving students and their housemates a helping hand with the launch of its special deal Student Cleaning Bundles – giving great value at just £15.

The bundle is perfect for that much needed clean up after the fun of Freshers Week as students start the new term and will set them up for weeks to come.

The new student-friendly bundle has been carefully selected, and includes Anti-Bac Spray (700ml), Washing up Liquid (500ml), Hand Soap (350ml)*, Toilet Cleaner (750ml) and Bathroom Cleaner (700ml).

And students can rest easy that they are helping the environment too.  All the products made by British-brand Delphis Eco are natural plant-based cleaning products that are vegan-friendly, high bio-degradable, never tested on animals, and non-harmful to the planet or to users.  Furthermore, they are packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottle packaging.

Importantly, all Delphis’ products are highly effective and powerful products that do exactly what they promise.

delphis eco student cleaning bundles

CEO, Mark Jankovich, said:

“Moving into student halls can be daunting and whilst buying your first home cleaning essentials isn’t maybe the first thing on your shopping list, this new bundle enables students to keep their pad fresh and clean, with significant savings and without the nasty chemicals!

“We know that students are much more aware today of the impact of single-use plastic and so our products are perfect for the environmentally conscious student.  It also makes a great gift too”.

Details of the student cleaning bundles are be found at:

https://delphiseco.com/collections/bundles/products/student-clean-bundle or please check out our Instagram at @delphiseco

delphis eco student cleaning bundles

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