If your college of choice isn’t particularly close to home, finding the right accommodation to enjoy during your study period will be an important process for you. In many cases, the housing you pay for when you’re receiving your education will be one of the most significant expenses of your degree. It’s important to find a place that’s comfortable and convenient for you, while also considering your budget.

The good news is today’s academics have a range of options to explore. You can choose to stay at the accommodation offered by your college, or you might decide to share a house with other students, or rent your own flat. Keep in mind there are different types of roommates you may encounter and that should factor into your decision-making process. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider.


Different student accommodation options come in a range of shapes and sizes, often dependent heavily on your available budget. If you don’t have a lot of cash to pay for rent on your new home for your semester, you may need to think about taking out a personal loan, so you can spread out the cost of living, as well as other expenses, out over a longer period. Start by thinking about how much you can afford to spend on a monthly basis for your home and utilities when you’re learning. Most contracts for student rooms are relatively flexible, so you can always change where you choose to live after a year or so. If you have another source of income outside of your personal and student loans to consider, you can account for this too.


The right accommodation for student life will generally place you as close to your college or university as possible. However, you’re going to need to think about more than just convenience when choosing a location. The locations and choices for living off campus further away from your college may be cheaper, and they may also be more peaceful if you want to avoid campus parties and similar events. When choosing a location, ask yourself whether you need to be close to any other destinations outside of your college. You may want to have a supermarket nearby so you can pick up groceries and cook for yourself easily. It may also be helpful to search for a location with plenty of local public transport links for travel.


Finally, think about the pros and cons of dorm life and the facilities that are going to be included with your monthly rental price for wherever you’re going to live. If you’re choosing student accommodation, you’re likely to have access to some things as standard, like electricity, gas, broadband, and even water. There are also options for catered accommodation, where you can get some of your meals made for you. Determine whether you’re going to have access to your own bathroom or a shared space, and which option appeals most to you. Depending on your situation, you may need to look for locations with specific features for people with disabilities or specific problems to address. While choosing the right accommodation can be tricky, getting the decision right the first time around can save you time and headaches when you’re pursuing your degree.