Comparing the processes of getting a scholarship in the UK and in the United States is not always easy and fruitful because it always depends on the university in question, yet the British are known for the challenges in getting a scholarship. It all comes down to the prestige factor, where a student is meant to stay with the specific program for a certain period of time. Now, the majority of scholarships in the United States allow more freedom and are also based on social skills and merits that are not necessarily academic. The statistics state that only one out of ten college applicants are able to get a scholarship for their bachelor’s degree, yet it also comes down to what one aspires to achieve and the type of scholarship.

Scholarships in 2023: UK vs USA

Here are some differences between scholarship applications in the UK and the USA that students have to be aware of. If you are planning to apply for scholarships in both countries, you should know the details and be prepared.

Your Academic Background

Both British and American universities will look into your academic credentials and the GPA levels that you must provide. Depending on your country of origin, they may ask for an international certification that is common in the host land. The British will be more strict in terms of the list of what you have to provide and may even ask you to pass some brief tests and a personal interview before you apply for the scholarship. It is even more true if you are thinking of writing a dissertation in the UK. The Americans are more relaxed in this regard!

Flexibility and Responsibilities

The problem with the British scholarships in 2023 is that most of them will ask you to stay with the course and the funding will be limited to the period of your learning. Switching to another course may be quite problematic. The American scholarships are usually more flexible and may cover things beyond your studies like transportation and basic needs! Still, it will depend on your prior education and the type of funding, as the governmental vs private scholarship issue plays a major role here.

Writing an Essay

This is the most challenging part in both cases and a process that will be relevant for most scenarios. Even if the scholarship’s requirements do not mention writing a statement of purpose or composing something based on a given prompt, there are still eligibility conditions that require creativity and being original. The writing part will show your attitude and ability to shape your thoughts and ideas correctly, so it will be essential to check things first and be ready for a writing task! If you are feeling stuck, check out the list of the best essay writing services and get help with your writing challenges, editing, and inspiring ideas from top-reviewed services. Just be yourself and you will nail anything!

Recommendation Letters VS Social Profiles

The American colleges usually ask for recommendation letters, while the British counterparts may take a look at your social media profile to determine your morals and social background. Since getting a scholarship in the UK is quite difficult, they will do their best to learn all they can about the applicant. It’s best to be ready to offer both, keeping things polished!

Work and Study Aspect

This is where things get quite challenging for the exchange students that are planning to study in the UK. Since Brexit has taken place, many scholarships that have been funded by the European Union in the past became frozen and their future still remains uncertain. Some scholarships claim that you are not allowed to have a part-time job if you already receive financing for your course. The only thing that remains the same is the set of rules for foreign learners who plan to work and study in the UK. The American students and exchange learners should also consult this matter regarding in-state versus out-of-state learning and the current benefits related to accommodation and possible employment. Make sure that you check this matter before applying!


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