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It is no secret that everyone loves to enjoy the finer things of life, beautiful locations in either old or modern architectural settings with picturesque views as well as easy access to needed facilities. While Dubai generally is known for luxury, the heart of the city, Downtown Dubai is the perfect place for a luxurious life. Downtown Dubai, otherwise known as “The Centre of Now” is a mixed-use development project offering several top notch assets in commerce, entertainment, tourism, and residence. It is the seat of world famous landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dancing Fountains, and Dubai Mall.

Most Popular Communities in Downtown Dubai for Apartments and Villas 

The resident buildings in Downtown Dubai mostly consist of apartments. There are also villas positioned on the podium level of a few buildings to give the original feel of a villa. Here are some of the most popular communities you should consider while searching for apartments in Downtown Dubai,the UAE.

1.Old Town

This community which derives its name from the architectural style of its buildings which gives off a vintage Arab look is far from being old,its close proximity to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain is one of the perks to living in Old Town. Average sale price ranges from AED 1,310,000 to AED 4,335,000.

2.The Residences

Adventum UniAcco

This has a very vibrant neighborhood with several recreational facilities, malls, schools, hospitals and so on and it is the perfect option for people who are family oriented.

The apartments are homey, spacious and are furnished elegantly. You are at liberty to go for a studio or 1-4 bedrooms apartment with the average sales price starting from AED 1,250,000

The villas here are the epitome of luxury and elegance with ample space and a guarantee of convenience and privacy. The average sales price of villas range from AED 2,350,000 to AED 17,500,000.

3.The Loft

Businessmen who are searching for apartments in Downtown Dubai the UAE should consider The Loft as their go-to residential community. It offers a close proximity with Emaar Square, The Offices, The Corporate Suites in Burj Khalifa and so on. Another advantage is its exclusive facilities such as swimming pools with a leisure deck, private courtyard and beautiful gardens.

The spacious apartments are good for buyers who wish to reside in one of the most bubbly places in the Emirates as well as investors looking to grow their investment through residential towers.

Apartments in The Loft have an average starting price of AED 1,150,000.

4.South Ridge

South Ridge or better known as South Ridge Towers is a complex comprising 6 luxurious residential buildings. It provides easy access to Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar and some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include parking, security, gym, sauna and the freedom to own a pet.

The sales price for apartments in South Ridge starts from AED 1,100,000 with a maximum of about AED 7,500,000 depending on the number of bedrooms the apartment has.

South Ridge villas or Podium villas remain one of the most popular real estate in Downtown Dubai. It is a stellar example of modern architecture with a terrace and a balcony overlooking the city, the breathtaking view of the skyline is definitely to die for. In Podium villa, the selling price of a 3-bedroom villa is a minimum of AED 4,250,000 to AED 8,000,000.

5.Boulevard Central

This building community is located in one of the best neighborhoods in Downtown Dubai. Consisting of two residential towers which are connected by a central podium, Boulevard Central boasts of some of the most beautiful and highly demanded apartments in Downtown Dubai, the UAE.

The area can be really bubbly which might discourage anyone seeking a serene environment but the number of amenities available to residents makes it a really fine place to live in.

The apartments in Boulevard Central are very high-end which of course means you’re going to be living the very best lifestyle. Although pets are not allowed, there are guests and concierge services, security, gym, pool, kids play area, parking space and so much more. Selling price of apartments in this community starts from AED 920,000.

While these are some of the most popular communities in Downtown Dubai, there are other communities which you might love to check out. Read more on the official website to explore your options on apartments in Downtown Dubai the UAE.