Many International and EU students are struggling to seek optimal advice on how to apply to study in the UK post Brexit. The drastic change in fees and lack of funding instantly made UK a less attractive market for EU students specifically. The Universities in the UK however understood this and have taken various steps to accommodate students including:

  • Guaranteed Scholarships
  • Charging home fees to those with pre-settled status
  • Extensive guides on visa requirements and processes for international students

International students often need counselling and a place for them to meet with and ask questions to the universities directly. In person University fairs are rare but perfect place for students to gather information. This is where the SI-UK fair comes in. SI-UK is a global education agency with 80+ offices in over 40 countries. They’ve supported thousands of international students in their 16 years of service and act as a bridge between international students and prestigious UK Universities.

 ‘The UK University Fair in London is a one-of-a-kind event. It’s a one stop-shop for everything an EU or International student needs. Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with international officers who could support your application’ says Raveena Balani a Marketing and Events professional in the UK Higher Education industry.  It’s a vibrant atmosphere that allows international students to interact and engage with a wide spectrum of UK institutions in one space. The students get to discuss their career choices, and the visa application process, seek scholarships, and advice on how to write top-notch personal statements for a successful application.

These events have been the hot spot for any aspiring students. Over 550 students attended SI-UK London’s most recent UK University Fair, organised for the January 2023 intake. Several students aiming to get into top UK institutes got on-spot offers at the event, featuring 75+ universities including the likes of UCL (University College London), KCL (King’s College London), University of Manchester and University of Bath.

Their next event on 5th November 2022 in central London from 12:00 – 17:00 at etc.venues 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street. This is a golden opportunity to get advice on studying at a UK university. 75+ Universities will be here at this event too. Sign for the free event now. Link to register: