If you aim to enrol in a college by 2023, you should start preparing ASAP. You will want to have a list of schools. Also, you should have an idea of what you want to study. With these details in mind, now is the time to send applications. However, you should conduct this process carefully if you want to be successful.

Admission officers usually have an insight into admission processes. These individuals evaluate thousands of applications during their careers. Therefore, they are best able to advise you on how to proceed. Below are some tips from admission officers on applying to college you will want to consider.

Begin Early

A college application is not a single task. Instead, it is a process with several milestones. As such, you must start as soon as possible. If you begin early, you should have the time to fulfil all admission requirements. You will also have the opportunity to reflect and write a great essay.

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Narrow Your Personal Statement

You may be tempted to cover a lot when writing an admission essay. However, broadening your topic can hurt your chances. As such, you should aim to write about specific moments that capture who you are. The narrower your description is, the more convinced your argument is. Therefore, it is a great idea to highlight attributes that include your:

  • Values;
  • Strengths;
  • Future plans;

Apply to Suitable Schools

Many students dream of studying in the most prestigious schools. Yet, the reality is that only a fraction of students can get into such schools. For this reason, you should consider various schools when sending out applications. It is equally essential to consider schools that offer exactly what you are looking for. Enrolling in a school that offers you the best academic and personal life will be far more beneficial than enrolling in a top college that makes you miserable. In addition, you are more likely to secure a place in schools that best fit you.

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Be Honest and Consistent

Most admission evaluators are good at their jobs. They can detect a lack of genuine thoughts in your application. When this happens, most evaluators will quickly decline your application. To prevent this from happening, you should be honest and consistent when making an application. You should always provide details as accurately as you can recall. In addition, avoid providing false personal and academic details.

Carefully Consider Guidelines and Policies

Every school has a unique set of guidelines and policies for its admission process. Institutions provide these details to guide students. Also, these details make the screening process easier for colleges. Therefore, it is critical for you to consider this information when applying to any college. Violating a guideline can reduce your chances of getting a place in a school. Similarly, you should always follow directions when provided. This is crucial regardless of the program or course you choose. Whether it is law, marketing, accounting or anything else, formal application steps and guidelines that define them are usually the same.

Avoid Uncomfortable Stories

Including uncomfortable stories in your essay may hurt your application. As such, there are some personal traumas you would not want evaluators to know about. Unless you are careful, the details you present may work against you. Therefore, only include stories that show your resilience and other desired qualities, for example if you apply in foreign college you can tell about your language exchange you have had.


Admission officers are in the best position to provide actionable tips for students looking to apply to college in 2023. This article presents 6 pieces of their advice you will want to follow. Take advantage of these tips and complete your admission process with flying colors!

About the Author

Michael Carr is an educator. He regularly works with students in colleges and high schools. In general, Michael creates content that helps students overcome the challenges they may face while in school or when applying to school or college.