College holds a treasure trove of nostalgia, all-nighters before exams, hurrying to attend classes on time, chats with friends, and cafeteria food. So before you toss that hat in the air one last time, be sure to include this must-do list of things before graduation.

Must Do Things Before Graduation | Learn a New Language

Being multilingual will be a great asset if you plan to go abroad for your studies or work. It is a plus point on your resume and can help further your career. You will also be able to mingle with the locals better if you know their language.

Study Abroad

The best experiences in college for most students would be the time they studied abroad. The opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and become independent is both daunting and exhilarating. The eye-opening experience is the ultimate gateway for introduction to a new culture, food, learning new languages, and making lifelong friends from around the globe.

Another alternative for a globe-trotting experience after you graduate is to apply to be a flight attendant. Check out the British Airways recruitment to enjoy the benefits of traveling and get paid for it! A win-win situation.


You must do your part to give back to the community; volunteering for your local campaigns is a great way to achieve that. Additionally, adding those volunteer hours on the resume doesn’t hurt.

Join a Campus Club

Unlike the limitations in high school, college is a whole world of opportunities. You are free to explore your interests, be it politics, arts, music, or sports. Just as you can choose the classes you like, you can join any student union organization to spend time with like-minded people.

Work at Internships and Jobs

Building your resume begins with college to stand apart from the stiff competition in this day and age. A wise decision is to spend time as an intern in the field of your choice, preferably one that offers pay and/or college credits. Not only will you gain valuable experience on the job (books cannot prepare you for real experience!), but you also earn a steady source of income which broke students desperately need.

Financial independence and handling responsibility is a win-win situation for fresh graduates venturing into the world.

Make the Dean’s List

Make the best out of your academic experience at college to make it to the dean’s list. The resulting scholarship opportunities and celebratory invitations more than make up for all the all-nighters you pull to make the list. Look up the requirements for the dean’s list. It usually requires a CGPA of 3.5.

Pull an All-Nighter

All-nighters are the quintessential college experience. All-nighters are inevitable in college, whether for the dreaded finals or an assignment due in 5 hours. No matter how dreadful the all-nighter itself is, those times are ones you will look upon fondly after you have graduated.

However, keep one night to spend with friends talking, playing, singing, and snacking. Go on a drive, camp out on the terrace to enjoy the stars, make the night memorable, and then welcome the new day with the sunrise.

Connect with your Roommate

If you live in college dorms, you will share your living quarters with a roommate. This is an opportunity to connect with a stranger going through the same experiences as you. The feelings of apprehension and newfound independence as you navigate through adulthood with a friend are easier. The initial discomfort may soon lead to lifelong friendship if you are willing to extend a hand.

Go on a Road Trip

A great way to spend the last few weeks in college is to go on a road trip with your buddies. Gather your friends and go on an impromptu trip. Overcoming the problems on the spontaneous trip is an experience in itself.

You can also avail the student discounts and book cheap flights to go on a vacation with your friends. Explore new cities with your best friends and go on an unforgettable adventure.

A solo trip is also a great way to discover yourself and test your limits. Graduation is essentially the gateway to adulthood, and a solo trip will let you have a breath of fresh air before you get bogged down by responsibilities.

Get Free Careers Advice

Take advantage of the free career counseling advice from uni. Even if you are sure about your career pathway after uni, it is helpful to have advice on the best way to reach your goals.

You will be able to use privileges like CV review, mock interviews, as well as advice on how to apply for postgraduate studies. Your university will be more inclined to guide you for good job offers as it elevates their status.

Use The Library and Free Software at your University

As a student, the library is a treasure trove, the long hours you spent pouring over notes before finals or the moments of peace enjoying a book with some coffee. All these experiences will be sorely missed. Use the final days to check out books you never had time for.

Furthermore, there are many free software that you can use to learn extra skills to enhance your resume such as PhotoShop and video editing.

Pay your Library Fines

We have all been there, submitting books past the return date. Remember that some uni can bar you from graduating if you haven’t cleared your dues! Now’s the time to pay off all the library fines you have stacked up.

Sell your University Course Textbooks

University is expensive, so why not make extra cash from the pricey textbooks you bought for your course? Sell your books online or use Facebook groups to sell them to juniors starting the year. The extra money can be used to pay for a staycation or saved into your account for later use.

Sell your Old Belongings

You have likely bought many household items for your dorm over the years. As you return home, you won’t need most of these items; hence it is wise to sell them if possible for extra cash. You can also sell them to the next occupant of your dorm, so you won’t have to worry about hauling heavy furniture from one place to another.

Cancel your Utility Bills

In many cases, utility bills are included in the rent. However, more often than not, you need to pay these separately. Before you leave, ensure that you have cleared all utility bills and canceled your subscription for the next month.

Ensure you have checked and recorded the meter readings on the last day to avoid disputes with the utility company.

End your Broadband Contract

The broadband connection is another headache that you have to deal with. Some companies don’t let you cancel until the contract period is over or demand cancellation fees. In such cases, you may have to discuss this with the next tenant and your landlord. The same applies to your TV license.

Check your Bank Account

Every student’s worst nightmare is looking at their dwindling bank account. The mountain of student debt you will graduate with doesn’t make the situation any better.

However, remember that you are no longer eligible for student account benefits upon graduation and will be changed to a graduate account. So check with your bank what that entails and whether that involves extra fees.

Clean your House to get your Deposit Back

If you want to ensure that you receive your deposit back, you need to leave your house the way it was before. So take out the cleaning supplies and get sweeping!

Gather your housemates to help you with the cleaning. The oven and fridge take longer to clean up. Start at least a week before you leave.

Thank your University Tutors

One of the essential supporters and contributors to your graduation is the efforts of countless professors and teachers at your university. So set aside time to thank them and express your gratitude.

Take the time to drop by their office, tell them about your future goals and get some reference letters while you are there. They will greatly appreciate your gesture and are more than willing to help you out.

Book a Summer Holiday using your Student Discount

As your last few days as an undergrad student, it would be a great idea to use your student privileges and use those discount offers.

Gather the money from your house deposit, books, and clothes sales and hop on the cheapest flight available to a nearby country. There are many budget-friendly destinations for students.

Plan your Graduation

Finally, the day you have been waiting for is here, graduation day! Make sure that you have tickets and gown ready for all the pictures. Scout ahead to get the best spots for taking photos. You should also reserve your favorite restaurant for a celebratory meal ahead of time because they will be booked quickly for graduation night.

If the graduation occurs after you have moved out of dorms or your house, you should also look up accommodations to stay for the event.


Four years may seem long but will be gone in the blink of an eye before you realize it. This is why you must make the most of your time at college. Friends, studies, hardship, fun all experiences both good and bad makeup your college life which may be short but the most cherished moments of your existence. So get ready to tick off your bucket list before you graduate.