DJ, Producer and Record Label Boss Eats Everything puts down his headphones to talk to us about getting into DJing from 12 years old, playing Glastonbury to 60,000 people, top tune of 2022, breakthrough artist, and his new album coming in 2023! And if that’s not enough, Eats Everything is taking over Marble Factory Bristol (Motion) for New Year’s Eve with his brand History of Rave!

Eats Everything interview by Ben Farrin

How did you first get into DJing and make the transition to it becoming a full-time paying job?

I got into DJing when I was 12 years old. I was already playing the drums and then went round to my mates house, his older brother had some Technics 1210’s, I had a go, and could do it immediately. So that Christmas my mum bought me a set of JB Systems Disco 2000 Belt Drive turntables and a Kam Made2Fade Mixer and I started popping off at home! I made the transition when I started making music that was resonating with wider audiences. Took me many years to actually break through. But it was worth it.

What Eats Everything DJ set stands out as the most memorable and why?

I guess what stands out is the fact I play almost exclusively my own music and edits. So no one else will ever play the same set as me because I have records that no one else has. I also do a lot of tricks and things whilst I’m DJing so that it’s not just someone playing one track after the other.

You also run your own label Edible – what artist do you think is on the brink of a breakthrough for 2023?

I think that Fleur Shore is gonna really start properly smashing it in 2023. She has great taste in music, makes great records, is a great DJ and she is cool as f*ck as well. She has it all.

Looking back at your own successful music career, what is one of the main highlights?

It’s hard to pick one but I guess playing back-to-back with Fatboy Slim at Glastonbury to 60,000 people is up there. Amazing!!!

As we enter the final part of 2022, what has been the biggest tune for you this year?

Hmmm tough one, as I only really play my own stuff or edits. But I guess it would probably be that Oddmob – Left To Right track. That always worked.

What does 2023 have in store for Eats Everything?

An album, a load more music under different aliases and a lovely lovely time I’m sure!

Eats Everything Motion

MOTION Photo Credit: Khris Cowley

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Eats Everything interview by Ben Farrin

Eats Everything main photo credit: Dan Reid