Since you jumped into the unknown, left the comforts of home for university, and moved out of your parents’ home into student housing, it has probably been a few months. In that time, you have presumably established some form of routine and, ideally, gotten to know some of your housemates.

It is simple to get caught up in the bustle of college, but when you have a peaceful evening at home, does your student housing really seem like home yet? If not, here are a few simple, low-cost ways to make your lodging a little cosier.

Keep your space neat

A messy house filled with beer bottles and empty cans is never warm and inviting. Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in your student housing is our best advice for making it seem like home.

Your room is your domain, thus it is up to you to keep it tidy. You might need to nag your fellow housemates to do their share of the washing up once in a while though! You will find this to be easier the more organised you are. Invest in some plastic storage containers, bedroom wall storage and even a desk organiser for those papers that are lying around.

Of course, that would be an excellent place to start if you have not done unpacking yet!

Add a few plants

Nothing alters a room’s mood quite like some houseplants.

The simplest to maintain are cacti, but you will get more use out of a mother-in-tongue law’s or a spider plant. Peace lilies are a favourite if you are feeling just a little bit more ambitious.

Fortunately, these kinds of plants are affordable enough that you are not betting too much on your ability to maintain one. And if you do take good care of them, they will not only improve the appearance of your lodging but also work around-the-clock to purify the air and help you be that little bit healthier.

Get a few of your favourite photos printed

Find and put on display your favourite photos of your family, friends, and pets if you are missing home. Many unique gems are waiting to be discovered in charity shops, and you can pick up some lovely frames without spending a fortune.

By bringing decorations and other items to campus, you may make your student apartment feel even more like home. Charity shops are a treasure trove of tiny objects that can give your area a little more personality.

Make it smell good

The smell of a house is frequently overlooked, although it has a significant influence on your mood. Due to the fire risk, candles should be avoided; nevertheless, some reed diffusers and room sprays can add a fresh scent to your student housing.

Even though the room’s furnishings may not be your own, you can still use your interior-design skills in this way. Treat yourself to some luxurious bed linens to enhance your space, and why not purchase a rug and some cushions in the same colour?