Using online platforms to find jobs is modern-day job-hunting. There is nothing wrong with searching for positions online rather than making appointments with recruiters in an office setting. These are some of the best job search sites online today. They are all accessible in the U.S. they can all be used when looking for state-specific positions.


Lensa is a unique site that approaches job search from a job seeker’s perspective. This process optimizes job searches that match the individual as well as revolutionizes recruitment. Lensa is a U.S. job board that instantly matches job requirements supplied by employers with job seeker resumes. More than 10 million members in a typical month rely on Lensa’s sophisticated, intelligent matching algorithms. 

There is no shortage of opportunities as Lensa has been collecting data on millions of companies since its founding. A feature that this platform offers is to create a detailed profile featuring the kind of professions you are interested in, your education level, previous work experience, as well as the salary range you are looking for. Once Lensa has this information the site automatically generates job openings that are advertised on the site combining information from your profile and your resume

This process is incredibly efficient because instead of filtering through hundreds of job openings and companies for weeks on end, Lensa will do it for you in minutes.

Lensa’s Community Pages also give you access to a lot of very useful statistics on any company that you are interested in. You can find detailed statistics on any career or company that you might be interested in, including age, gender, diversity, and years spent at the company. This platform gives you the opportunity to get to know a company in detail, allowing you to make a well-informed decision when you apply for a position. 

It is highly recommended to take advantage of Lensa’s resources in your job search because the algorithm is strategic and practical with its recruitment, guaranteeing that positions are optimized for your needs.


LinkedIn is one of the most useful places you can go to when looking for a job. LinkedIn seems to be the future of job hunting and networking. It is the biggest and most known business networking platform in the world, where millions of people are online and connecting with others from all around the globe. This is your opportunity to really take advantage of this platform. Don’t think of LinkedIn as social media. LinkedIn is the biggest network cocktail party on the internet, it is the go-to business website for business professionals and executives. 

This site’s main target is building strategic relationships with other users, as networking is the most beneficial to grow a business or find employment. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your virtual business card. Having a good profile on this platform is worth more than your resume because it three-dimensionalizes you. You can virtually grow a business and put together an incredible network of professionals from all around the world. 

LinkedIn is on your side when it comes to finding a job by letting users search thousands of employment listings or post job openings. Hiring managers use this platform to find the most qualified candidates with suitable skill sets and experience. You can discover job opportunities everywhere in the world, including state-specific positions. 

Google for Jobs

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Google uses its technology to help identify terms job seekers enter into job search inquiries across a variety of platforms. It collects the best results across a variety of job boards, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. It’s more comfortable to work near home, and Google for Jobs uses its location function to help identify how far away certain opportunities are when considering open positions. It is incredibly optimal because it will suggest local jobs first. 

On Google for Jobs, you are able to further your search inquiries by applying filters to their job search. Filters include things such as the type of industry, the date of a particular job posting, and the type of position (part-time, full-time, etc.) Google for Jobs then filters out duplicate job postings to create a comprehensive list of all related jobs according to the search. This platform has the potential to bring a lot more visibility to job posts by the sheer number of searches. It is also completely free.

Using any of these three platforms will greatly increase your chances of getting a job, and the best part is you can do it right from home. With the cost of living going up, It’s important to find a job ASAP. Make sure you have a polished and updated resume, and look for new positions every day to ensure success.