Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Combining your world exploration while still making money doing something you love is a more attainable dream than ever, with many online and remote working opportunities. Here we have given you the best jobs that will enable you to travel the world.

Remote Working Opportunities

ESL Teacher

Possibly the easiest way to tour the world and work simultaneously is by teaching English as a second language. Whether you prefer to find in-person lessons or teach online, English teachers have endless opportunities. The top destinations to journey to and teach English include South Korea, Japan, China, Spain and Taiwan. Usually, you will need at least a TEFL certificate, but these online courses are pretty cheap and don’t take long to complete. Teaching online is the obvious option if you want to trips to multiple destinations. But if you prefer to stay in one location and truly experience the culture and see all your destination has to offer, then getting a temporary job at a local school will be an unforgettable experience.


Does getting paid to tour, party, and have a good time sound like the ideal job? You don’t necessarily need to be a professional to earn a living from music. Whether you are just beginning your music career or have some experience already, a trip can be a fantastic opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and hone your skills. You can create, write, produce, practice, or apply this series of useful DJ tutorials for beginners anywhere in the world. Wherever you want to go, stay connected through social media and forums, book gigs ahead of time, and perform as much as possible.

remote working opportunities


If you have a love and talent for writing, copywriters have many opportunities to live their life as digital nomads. Even better yet, a travel writer! You could start your blog or work for online writing platforms, People per Hour, or Upwork, designed for remote freelancers. The most significant benefit of writing is that all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Does sitting beside the pool sipping a cocktail while your write about your latest adventures sounds like a dream? You, of course, will need to make sure you set aside time, which requires a bit of discipline and dedication. It is best to find a niche or something you are passionate about writing, as this will make it much easier to stay motivated. Do you speak two languages fluently? Then translation is another excellent option for adventure lovers.

remote working opportunities

Au Pair

Do you want to take a year off and experience life in a beautiful destination, like Italy or France? Although it may be daunting, working as an au pair is worth considering. It varies slightly from country to country, but usually, as an au pair, you live with a host family and teach and take care of their children. Living with a host family in your destination of choice is a great way to live somewhere without the expenses, giving you a home base from which to explore. This is a fantastic option if you want an immersive experience in culture. There are many au pair sites to sign up with, such as Expert AuPair and EurAuPair. Take some time to evaluate potential families to find the one that suits you best.

These are just a few jobs that could make travelling to your dream destinations possible. Always check work visa requirements and do some homework before leaping in.