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Whether you’re someone who does a regular deep-clean or not, there are most likely items in your living space that will still be shockingly dirty. In this article, we’ve highlighted the dirtiest household items that you might want to spend a bit more time cleaning! And top of the list is likely something you are holding right now!…

Mobile phone

It’s obvious when you think about it. We bet you use your phone more than any other item!? Regardless of how good your hygiene is, there will be germs on your mobile phone, and lots of them! 25,127 per square inch, to be precise, according to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan. Making the phone top of the dirtiest household items list, we use every day!

Dirtiest Household ItemsLight switches and door handles

Obviously used daily especially in winter months. Light switches and door handles are full of germs. It’s best to wipe these down regularly and at least once every week or two using household cleaner and paper towel.

Computer keyboard

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard properly? Wait, you haven’t ever cleaned it!? Well let’s add this item to your regular cleaning chores. Just be sure not to damage it. You can use cotton buds dipped in alcohol to wipe between the keys – a hoover can also come in handy!

Toilet seat

An obvious dirty part of the house. We’re sure this already gets cleaned, but does it get cleaned enough? It’s recommended that toilets are cleaned properly at least once a week. Did you know the E.coli bacteria, which can cause infection, is more likely spread through dirty toilets than undercooked food. It can also be found within six feet of the toilet! Yuck, YUCK! Get scrubbing and use disinfectant.

Remote control

Probably the most used item by multiple people, then any other on our list yet. You might consider yourself hygienic, but are your house mates, and their mates? Keep some cotton buds to one side for cleaning and use them with alcohol to kill germs on your remote, (keyboard and mobile phone).

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Kitchen sponge (and sink)

A new sponge will cost you under £1. And that’s a brilliant regular investment considering that it, along with the kitchen sink are hangout areas for zillions of microbes! Disgusting indeed and, worrying, because microbes are close relatives of bacteria that causes meningitis and pneumonia!

And there you have it. The top 6 dirtiest household items. The next time you’re in the supermarket doing a weekly shop, spare a thought to beating those unwelcome pesky germs. It’s also an excuse to buy a bottle of vodka (for cleaning, obviously)!

Dirtiest Household Items