Are you lacking motivation, feeling sluggish and eating unhealthy? Do you need a push to make a (permanent) change to your life? Without going into the obvious negativities that are spiralling around the globe of recent times, there is a way to change your mindset, to look at things positively and get healthy. Read on for more…

Get Healthy Guide

Ditch Social Media

The first piece of advice I would offer is to ignore the news and with that try to cut down on social media screen time usage, which will also be potentially distributing negativity. Instead, make the decision that you ARE going to do something about it. Once you’ve made that decision to yourself, stick to it. 

Understand Your Body

You are what you eat and drink. Despite your glamorous external looks, you have organs, blood, energy, and if your diet is poor you could have high cholesterol from eating too many fatty foods. High cholesterol is just one problem that might occur from poor diet and can lead to heart problems and even stroke. 

Wave Goodbye to Alcohol

Yes, sorry, it’s got to go. If you drink alcohol, cut down as much as possible and better still remove it from your life. Go sober! It takes around 28 days for your skin to renew itself so cut the booze for a month and SEE the difference. Plus, do you realise how many calories are in alcohol!?

Eat Healthy

Now you’ve cut the poison (and calories), make a conscious effort to eat well. Eat enough fruit and vegetables and get your five per day! Balance your diet with healthy foods so you are getting the daily recommended vitamins, minerals, oils and overall nutrition. Think fruit, vegetables, beans, grain, fish, egg, berries, etc. 


Drink lots of water. An adult man’s body is approx 60% water and an adult lady’s body 55% water! Aim to drink 2 litres of water per day, and sip it throughout, even if you are not thirsty.


I must admit, I only recently made a change to my life to help keep active, positive and lead a healthier lifestyle. I’ve followed every point above strictly thus far. I’m not meaning to brag but I’m writing this article as I cycle at David Lloyd Norwich – I’m 45 minutes in, and 300 calories less – oh yeah! It’s a fantastic place – not only workout but relax, escape and improve your life. If you can afford a gym membership I’d seriously consider it. If not, there’s some amazing exercise workout videos you can follow. Try this video for example which is great for beginners looking to get a six pack.  To get more out of your fitness routine listen to some positive bangers. These work for me:

  1. Jessie Ware – Free Yourself
  2. Max M – Let’s Ride 
  3. Paul Farrin – Selfish Desires  
  4. Paul Farrin – With You

Stay Consistent 

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to stay consistent. There’s no point making a half-hearted decision and then giving up a week or two later. I’ve only stuck at it myself a few weeks but I’ve made my decision and I’m not a quitter. So join me and together let’s sort our bodies out. Improve our diet, release those endorphins and be happier inside and out. Plus, if you start now you’ll be two months ahead of the New Year rush. Let your New Year’s resolution be to keep up what you’ve already started!