Everyone sends Christmas cards but do they send out funny Christmas cards? Christmas cards are great but when you can turn a regular card into a funny one then you are simply creative. Funny Christmas cards are sold on Boomf. The exterior design of the cards has witty puns, hilarious depictions, and jokes in general. Jokes for dads, mums, siblings, and friends. They are appropriate only when given to the right recipient.

How To Make Christmas Cards Funny

That’s the thing about funny Christmas cards. You have to make sure they are not offensive to the person you want to give it to, and you also have to ensure that they get the joke, if not, what’s the use of the card anyway? That’s why we came up with suggestions for what makes a Christmas card funny.

What makes a Christmas card funny

So you are naturally a funny person or you love to make people laugh, even with a Christmas card. Well, that is not a bad idea. But here are things you just have to consider first before you buy the cards or before you start writing your wishes on them.

The front design

You will know if a Christmas card can be a funny one or not by just looking at the front cover. If the card has a picture of a lit candle and notes with an ancient pen and jar of ink, it’s going to be very difficult to turn that serious-looking card into a funny Christmas card. But if it has a clumsy Santa trying to hoist himself into his sleigh then you can buy it.

Who the card is for

Before you write any joke. Or even before you purchase a card, who the card is going to end up with is very important to consider. Like, if it is for grandma, keep the dark humor for another card. And your parents will surely not want to read naughty jokes on a Christmas card from you.


How To Make Christmas Cards FunnyThe receiver’s sense of humor

There is no need wasting a set of funny Christmas jokes on a grinch. And sometimes, the person does not have to be a grinch to not understand the comedy on your card. Just make sure that the slangs, puns and level of exposure you use fit the person you want to give the card to. To be safe, share funny Christmas cards to your peers in the same age bracket.

Size of the card

A big card can fit more words, obviously. If you have a lot of positively funny jokes to tell then why not make them out on a bugger card. Your Christmas wishes look more sensitive and meaningful when it’s not just a sentence extracted from the internet or a movie. Say as much as you truly mean. Christmas is about genuine generosity.

Personalisation and meaningfulness

Anyone can pick wishes for their funny Christmas cards  from the internet and use it to fill their Christmas card up. People can tell genuineness when they read it. That is why notes in your funny Christmas cards must have at least one personalization feature in it. Like a name or something they do. If the joke is something abstract and odd, it could belong to anybody else. But show them your intentionality about them by making your own wish unique.


You need to be creative to write puns, to tell jokes and to make funny Christmas card. Get some help if you need some.

Have fun making funny Christmas cards this season. Christmas is always a good time to laugh.